Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Great 2007 headlines............

if you've read this blog at all then you know that i am a huge fan of fark. these are some of the best headlines of 2007..............

**CSI team currently at Anna Nicole Smith residence in the Bahamas. After turning on special light that illuminates semen, the house could be seen from space

**Merv Griffin, creator of "Wheel of Fortune," hospitalized with PR_ST_T_ C_NC_R

**Britney Spears loses custody of her children; now forced to use regular airbags when driving

**Minister arrested. Maybe it was the open vodka bottle, or the pills. Maybe it was the sex act he offered the cops. Or maybe it was the way he peed in front of those kids at the car wash while wearing a skirt

**McDonald's finally answers the question that's on everyone's minds: "Why did your employees ejaculate into my grandmother's milkshake?"

**"Multi-penised, six-legged, two-anused piglet given silly name"

**One-third of all public school students can't use. Periods correctly

**Bear attack victim had 'tender heart,' according to friends, family, bear

**Men would rather die than admit we have had a gay affair. They, I mean. They

**Hillary Clinton announces she used her faith to cope with Bill's infidelity. Her long, hard, pulsating, battery-operated faith

**Turkey preparing to invade Iraq. Formation of a fecal-oscillatory rotor matrix is imminent

**Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro downgraded from Spalding to Elmer's

**Michelle Wie to miss 4-6 weeks after sustaining wrist injury. Coincidentally, thousands of her fans who won't be able to see her compete will have time to rest their own wrist injuries

and these are some of reasons i love that site.............

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