Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or treat.............

a russian woman was sentenced to six years in jail. this isnt uncommon in russia where everyone should be jailed but what is odd is what she was jailed for. and what was she jailed for? survey says..........selling her daughter for 10k. thats right this russian mother of the year was going to sell her six year old daughter even though the undercover cops told her that she would be used for sex and then her organs would be harvested. i cant believe she only got six years for this. at the very least she should be spayed or neutered or whatever you call it.

in spring hill florida the school district takes its security very seriously. they arrested an eleven year old girl. she was showing off a vial of powder that she claimed was glitter. i know, you all are waiting for me to say it was an ounce of blow but alas that isnt the case. when they dumped out the young ladies backpack out fell........survey says...........a butter knife. she was suspended as part of the counties zero tolerance policy. it actually should be refered to as the zero brain cells policy. i guess common sense isnt that common after all.

a michigan chiropractor had his license suspended after being charged with fondling two teenage girls after telling them that their breasts were uneven. the girls age 16 and 17 gave detailed reports of how he fondled them AND as a condition of employment had to submit to spinal adjustments at the beginning and end of each shift. this is also the reason i'm not allowed into most of the strip clubs in the burg. do you think this guy went to school just to molest teenage girls. what a scam. i might just try this out this week.

happy halloween everyone and go steelers

Friday, October 28, 2005

Fridays funnies............

ok, so maybe they arent all that funny.....

in camden new jersey (need i say more) two men were arrested on sunday. that nothing special in camden. what is funny is that they were arrested for trying to buy drugs with a ........survey says........a grenade. the drug dealer called the police. how fucked up are you when a drug dealer calls the cops on you. for the uninformed let me explain. drug dealers do NOT take checks, plastic and most definitely they do NOT take grenades.

in india police brought charges against a finnish tourist for ..........survey says...........swimming naked in a holy lake. any wonder why this country is third world? i take that back. thats an insult to third world nations....india is fourth world. nobody cares that these people shit in the middle of the street. that they bathe in the river that supplies drinking water. no, thats just fine. just dont eat a cow or swim in a holy lake. my father was in india during the war and he said it was the onlyu country they flew into that you could smell before you see. thank god we are shipping jobs there so quickly.

turkey is to the european union what the fat girl is at the dance. sure she standing there and she wants to dance but nobodies rushing over to ask her. is it any wonder that the eu wont let them in. i turkish court has fined 20 people for.........survey says.........using the letters q and w on a placard under a law that bans the use of of characters not in the turkish alphabet. wtf! are they insane. what do i expect though from a country that has a human rights violations that make saudi arabia look progressive, treat women like cattle (i've seen turkish women, they might have that one right) and are run by a bunch of religious asswipes. another fouth world country.

enjoy your weekend everyone. and you, take that mask off right now.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Suprises for your thursday...............

i guess the score now reads american soldiers dead in iraq-2000
weapons of mass destruction found-0
congratulations president bush. mission accomplished. he said the only way to honor these war dead are to stay until the job is done. i can only imagine how many more young men and women will be dead by then. in some telling statistics we find that almost all the casualties happened after dubya declared " mission accomplished". soldiers over in iraq are dying at a rate of around 800 per year and regardless of what dubya, cheney and rumsfeld tell us that rate is going up. the second thousand were killed faster than the first thousand and there is no reason to believe that the third thousand wont be killed even faster. their underground army is becoming more and more efficent at killing our soldiers and we cant stop it. dont get me wrong our soldiers are trying but this isnt a conventional war and we wont fight like they do so they keep sending boys home in body bags. this isnt even beginning to tell you how many are wounded...that number far exceeds 2000. our government wont even give out those numbers. and for what? we didnt get any weapons of mass destruction, oil is more expensive now than ever, we arent any safer, we arent even trying to explore alternative fuel sources. congrats mr president....mission accomplished.

sheryl swoopes has announced shes a lesbian. are you suprised? actually i'd be more suprised if you knew who sheryl swoopes is. she a star player in the wnba (thats womens basketball). hey sheryl if you wanted to shock me find me a player in the wnba who isnt a lesbian (not that i have anything against lesbians...i am one). will it hurt her endorsements? i didnt know she had any endorsement deals. this wont hurt the wnba because nobody gives a good shit about the wnba....and why should they? the absolute worst team in mens college ball would beat the best wnba team. i'm not talking alcorn state here i mean the team from the yashiva school of syosset long island would beat them. five nice jewish boys would kick their asses. hey congrats sheryl, i hope you have a wonderful relationship but lets be honest this isnt news and its hardly a blip on the sports radar screen.

see, i knew you'd be get to work.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mid-week crisis...........

in steilacoom washington there is a middle school student named james watkins. his parents descibe him as a straight a student, an athlete and a "good kid". school officials have a different view. they suspended him for three days and he got cited for sexual harassment because......he wore an inflatable penis costume to the high school homecoming dance. he might be a good kid but hes not a smart kid. in what world did he think that was going to be a-ok? did he expect the principal to come out and carry him into the dance on his shoulders proclaiming him to be the homecoming king? dont get me wrong thats something i would have done in my youth but then again nobody refers to me as a "good kid". i agree that the sexual harassment citation might be overboard but his parents should just take him into the house and beat him. by the way, mr school official, you just made james watkins the most popular kid in middle school.

in montgomery alabama police are looking for a pee wee football coach. hes accused of shooting the father of one of his players because he pulled his son off of the team. seems that was the boys punishment. apparently he meant alot to the team on the other hand nobody shot emmit smiths dad when he retired. by the way the coach has been banned from pee wee football. really? no shit? parents and coaches really need to get a grip on things in this country.

wellington mara died on tuesday at 89. you may not know him but he was the owner of the new york football giants and a founding father of the nfl. big deal you say but if not for him football wouldnt be as big as it is today. mara could of went the way of steinbrenner and said that new york was the biggest market and he wasnt going to share tv money but he didnt. he saw what was in the best interest of the league and did whats right. now football is our national game. baseball could and should learn some things but they wont. mara was a good guy. he didnt mouth off in the press. you never read about him in the scandal rags. hes what an owner should be. football is going to miss a man like him.

alright everybody lets get to work.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Real american heroes.........

we throw the term hero around so much anymore that it really has lost some of its luster but an american hero has died. rosa parks. for those of you who dont know her it could be said that she started the civil rights movement. it happened in 1955 (no not 1855 or 1755 this is recent history) when she wouldnt give up a seat to a white man on the bus. see in montgomery alabama a black person could only sit in the black seats reserved in the back of the bus but if the bus filled up with white people the blacks were supposed to give up the black seats to them. i guess you could say there werent any black seats at all but that the seats in the back were being kept warm for whites by the blacks. well that winter a seamstress named rosa parks said no. she refused to give up her seat to a white man......and she was ARRESTED. thats right arrested....and fined $10. $10 to a seamstress in montgomery in 1955 was alot of money but she decided that she was a full citizen and had a right to the seat. rumors have said that it was in the front of the bus but it was in the back. after that blacks in montgomery boycotted the buses. they walked, biked, whatever to get where they needed to go and crippled the montgomery bus line. martin luther king jr. got his start there organizing the boycott. so in hindsight i guess you can say that rosa fired the "no" heard round the world (or at least the u.s.). so keep that in mind when you think you cant make a difference. remember what a seamstress from montgomery alabama accomplished with one simple word.

i think that will be all i will write about today. this is something i hope we will all think about today.

enjoy your tuesday guys......

Monday, October 24, 2005

Well, you got me now........

ok everyone heres the news blast. i'm unamerican. apparently i dont like this country. i dont like the war.....or the bible.....or organized religion.....or the republican party....or putting magnetic ribbons on my car......or...well you get my drift. if thats what it takes to be called a real american then count me out. i'm tired of people with a w stickers on their car. dont you know he and his friends are fucking you? this war is a great diversion. gas prices through the ceiling while the companies make record profits and the government gives them tax breaks. does anyone think that its just a coincidence that texas is big oil and bush is from texas? as for the war...bring our troops home. let the iraqis govern themselves. anyone who thinks that fighting this war is going to bring peace is an idiot. wmd's...where are they? wasnt that the reason we went there in the first place? this country wasnt a threat to the united states. saudi arabia is a bigger threat but they've bought the bushes loyalty so we wont go after those animals. i bring this up and all i get is " you dont support the troops". well fuck that. the germans supported their troops too. i actually support the troops i just dont support this administration and wont follow them blindly. i should read the good book? i did. that harry potter is the bomb. oh, you mean the bible. well i dont consider that the good book. its fiction. its not the good book...hell, its not even the ok book. its written poorly and reads like vcr instructions. you think with all the money the vatican has they would hire someone to punch that up a bit. i also hear it ends poorly. organized religion just makes us feel that these priests/preachers/warlocks, whatever you call them, are special men. their not. those men, and i say men because most religions have shut women out, arent any better than you and i (and they may be worse). why a woman would go within thiry five feet of a catholic church is so beyond me. they obviously dont like you. the catholic church has blamed women for everything for all time. didnt a woman get adam to eat the forbidden fruit? wasnt mary magdalene a whore? i guess adam was the first guy to be lead around by his dick. no wonder priests like altar BOYS......they cant stand women. intelligent design is neither intelligent or a design. its the middle fuckin ages is what it is. believe in an invisible man in the sky who will send you down to hell if your bad? how stupid are people? you want to see god look around you. look at nature. animals that can evolve. now thats godly. people that say " i didnt come from no ape" are right. they arent near as evolved as an ape. apes would be offended if those assholes came from them.

so go ahead, label me. i'm an agnostic, a liberal, a peacenik, oh hell, the list goes on and on BUT i'm a thinker. i'll use the brain that god allowed me to evolve to acheive a higher learning. remember, hitler was a devout christian who was put into power by a democratic election.

i rant therefore, i am. go on and enjoy your monday

Friday, October 21, 2005

Everybodies living for the weekend........

in saint louis a woman was found dead stuck in a window she was trying to crawl through. at first you might think what a shame but then you ask why was she crawling through. she was trying to rob the home. the karma wheel is spinning freely on this one. that is a classic. the police would not give out her name...that would be too embarrassing but they did report that her pants came off in her struggle. way to go boys.

a brdgeport conneticut second grader is the most popular kid in his class....maybe in the whole school district. during a field trip to yale's peabody museum of natural history he brought a treat for the whole class......more than a dozen bags of marijuana. his uncle, the owner of said marijuana, is now the most popular guy in the conneticut penal system. the uncle was charged with possesion with intent to sell (duh!) among other charges. as the old commercials used to say...why do you think they call it dope.

in saint petersburg florida a 93 year old man hit a pedestrian causing said pedestrian to lodge in his windshield. he then drove 3 miles with the pedestrian stuck in his windshield. the pedestrians leg was found at the scene but the driver wasnt stopped until he hit a toll booth with the body sticking out of the windshield. the driver said he thought the body .......survey says.......fell from the sky. is there any good reason why this guy should be allowed to drive....any? pull his license and put him into a home right now.

alright kids the drinking lamp is lit.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursdays thoughts...........

i heard the some of the most wonderful news last night. no, you assholes, i didnt win the powerball so dont start asking for money. no, the news was that an arrest warrant was issued for tom delay. it requires him to appear for booking on state conspiracy and money laundering charges. this is wonderful news now if only i can hear that with karl roves name on the warrant i would be even more happy.

in pittsburgh the women hospital hired a funeral director to dipsose of the fetuses that the (i dont know how to say this) accumulated during the course of a day. see this guy (mr winston) was supposed to pick them up and cremate the remains. instead mr winston stacked boxes of the remains in his garage from 1999 through 2002. he was arrested and held ,after the remains were found, for abuse of a corpse. his lawyer says that he is.....survey says........not guilty. i usually dont follow cases like this but i just have to see how his lawyer spins this one. the remains were found stacked in boxes in his garage.......what else do we need to know.

a leading animal welfare group is opposed to a new toy on the market. apparently its a chicken toy the squawks and flaps its wings while you choke it. they are saying it sends the wrong message to children....and they are right. i've been chokin my chicken for years and its never squawked or flapped its wings at me. thats right, you heard me, kids keep chokin your chicken. its one of the few toys a young boy can count on to last most of his life, giving him years of pleasure. when the young girls get older it will be fun for them too.

ok, one more day before party time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mid-week news..............

william kersey should get a less than father of the year award. seems this michigan city man reported his car missing but he didnt mention that his 4 MONTH OLD SON was in the car when it was taken. the car was found around 11pm sunday and mr kersey called in the report 2 hours later. who wants to bet that mr kersey was smokin a wee bit o crack and forgot where the car was. dad had to wait until he came down from his high before he called the cops.

in wausau friday morning an old guy crashed his car into the downtown burger king then cvalmly got out and ordered food. you think this would have shut down the know......having extensive damage to the entrance of your restaraunt, but not burger king. no, they actually served the man and continued to serve customers. the man was found sitting at a table eating by the police. i have said it before and i will say it again......the elderly should be tested yearly to get a drivers license.

ok kids i have alot to do today. we'll talk more tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Its tuesday, and i'm struggling.............

not feeling well today.....and these stories arent making me feel any better.

in ravenna ohio nelson wright is a youth minister with the lighthouse community church. hes doing what he believes is gods work, well actually, you might think that....i'm not so sure nelson feels that way. massilon police arrested nelson on two felony counts of soliciting sex from an underage teen online. the teenage girl was actually an undercover police officer. i'm sure nelson has had better days. what a stunning example for christianity he is. you wonder how many kids he has abused before he got caught. heres hoping that hell has a special room set aside for nelson.

in another example of someone who should be given a lethal injection immediately a denver hospice worker pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a blind, deaf and nearly comatose 10 YEAR OLD GIRL.......with a teerminal illness. as if life hasnt kicked this kids ass hard enough this sick bastard has to go for the kill shot. james philpott, 55, said he had sex with the girl because he wanted her to experience pleasure before she died. seems to me like james wanted to experience pleasure before she died. her parents ought to get ten minutes in a room with james....see how much pleasure he gets from that. he was also charged with assaulting an 89 year old woman at the hospice but those charges were dropped because she suffers from dementia and wasnt sure she had been assaulted. be nice to your kids ....they decide your hospice.

and if those werent an affront to your senses a wisconsin man is in jail for using an electric dog collar on his 8 year old daughter because.......survey said.......she was eating breakfast too slow. he set the intensity on 4 but threatened to turn it up to 6 if she didnt eat quicker. he denied using it at first but then admitted to using it to "calm her down". mom threatened to wake dad up and when she didnt eat faster she did. mom hasnt been arrested but hte child is living with relatives. now who wants to argue against sterilization with this couple.

lets just get through tuesday.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, monday...cant trust that day.............

how backward is the state that gave us our president? jose escalante was arrested by houston police because of what he rang up in a store. see, jose works at the adult video megaplex and the store he works at sells some sex toys (ie: vibrators). seems vice officers arrested jose and seized some of the toys. they charged jose with obscenity because he was "in possesion of adult toys with the intent to promote and sell them". his attorney said that the charges are ridiculous because "hes simplt a clerk at the store and the vice cops went in and arrested a clerk for possesion. its absurd". dont count on that mr attorney. i think jose has at least a 50/50 chance of going to jail. what the hell do they think is being sold at the adult video megaplex. what a ridiculous group of laws.

jim bob duggar is 40. his wife, michele, is 39. the just had a little baby girl. what a blessing. as a matter of fact its their 16th blessing and shes thinking of doing it again. in a case of selfish overpopulation they want to have more children. "we both just love children and we consider each a blessing from the lord. i have asked michele if she wants more and she said yes. if the lord wants to give us some she will accept them". what do you expect from someone named jim bob? her vagina must look like the lincoln tunnel by now. who would have guessed they would be crazy religious?

a substitute teacher in lake county was terminated and banned from teaching. not for he usual stuff i report like sleeping with students and such. no, this idiot ripped out a students insulin pump because he thought it was a ringing cell phone. the pump was able to be reinstalled unlike richard maline's career. somehow i think the mr maline will not be getting the florida substitute teacher of the year award.

ok, lets get monday off to a great.......oh , who am i kidding.....lets just try to get through it

Friday, October 14, 2005

Fridays news.............

in a stunning case of irony we come across ashley smith. she was the young lady who was taken hostage when brian nichols shot his way out of the courthouse in atlanta. nichols , who killed four people, took her hostage in her apartment after his rampage. her story made national news because she got him to surrender by talking to god and reading passages from the book "the purpose driven life". as paul harvey would say "and now for the rest of the story". seemd aour saintly young lady was a meth addict and got him to surrender by giving him her supply of crystal meth. she admits she used the drug before she was taken hostage. she prepared the drug for him so he could snort it. ms smith received an award of 70k for her role in this. she says she no longer takes drugs. i'd love to know how much of that 70k is left? sure give the meth addict 70k...why not give nichols a lifetime nra membership while your at it. shes writing a book now about this and i can only hope its titled the drug driven life.

chris wilson is a former police officer. he also runs a website by the name of yes chris shows some pornongraphic pictures on that site but by no means is it even close to being the worst site on the net. not even in the top thousand. not with site with guys peeing on women and girls shitting on surfboards. he also shows something else....he is allowing u.s. soldiers to post pictures of war dead on his site. he has been arrested on obsenity charges. over 300 charges to be exact including distribution of obscene material, offering to distribute obscene material and possession of obscene material with intent to distribute. the police refered to it as "it is the most horrific, vile, perverted sexual is as vile, as perverted, as non normal sexual conduct-which rises to the level of obscenity-as we have ever investigated". think the administration doesnt like these pictures out there? doesnt bush have a brother whos a higher up in the florida government? think the police in florida havent seen that many porn sites? doesnt this sound like chris is getting railroaded? an islamic civil rights group is demanding that the army take legal action against chris. they think it will harm our nations image, particularly in the islamic know.....that place where they hate americans. tough shit muslims. welcome to democracy. its more important that this war be seen than protect some dead muslims while our government tries to hide the war. war should be shown. war is horrific. its the only way people will ever learn that war isnt a good thing regardless of what our government tells us. if you care to make a donation to his defense please go to
by the way he was arrested in a state where on october 1st a law went into effect giving the people of florida the right to use deadly force as a first resort when they feel threatened...even in a public place. welcome to the wild west.

in san antonio a 14 year old boy was arrested tuesday for stabbing his father because.....survey says......he got angry because his father woke him to go to school. someones cranky. i'd cut back his allowance thats for sure. it would be awhile before he got behind the wheel of my car. how long do you ground a kid for that little stunt?
along that same line a 15 year old boy was in serious condition in louisiana after being shot by a 19 year old who mistook him for......survey says......a wild hog. what the worst part of this for the kid? being shot OR being mistaken for a hog? damn, whats that kid eat. hes lucky he didnt get his snout or curly tail shot off.

well kids i'm off to enjoy the weekend....after i do my time here.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Its thursday everywhere but in my mind.......

anna wintour, editor in chief of vogue, has had her picture plastered all over the net being pied by peta fanatics. now i have no particular love of anna wintour (frankly if it werent for gettting pied i wouldnt know her at all) or vogue but i do have a hate for the cowards of peta. used to be they just hung around new york throwing red paint on old jewish women wearing fur coats. what a cowardly group. i would love to catch one and give him/her a good old fashioned beat down. i'd beat them like a baby harp seal during fur season. my only hope is that anna wintour went home, skinned a rare mink and used its fur to wipe her face.

last weekend some churches were having what they call "porn sunday". i first i thought "wow, no need to talk to me, your preaching to the choir" but alas it wasnt as advertised. their idea was to get the topic out that porno hurts realtionships with god and spouses. they think distorts peoples view of sex. now i was giving this some thought while i was anally raping my llama while my wife was stirring the bathtub full of lemon flavored jello with a 10" jelly dildo and i came to the conclusion that it hasnt affected me at all. it actually helped me somewhat. we had a masturbating contest in my neighborhood ands i finished first and third. so much for porn sunday.

some stories just get pushed under the rug and some need to be delved into. this one has a little of both. carnival cruise lines was one of the remedies that was being undertaken in the relief of the people of new orleans. i'm sure you thought, as i did, that carnival was doing the right thing and helping at a bit of a loss, like any good american would. you would think that....and you would be wrong. at over $1200 per resident per week the government is giving them over double what carnival gets for a week long caribbean cruise not to mention the other intangibles that are sure to have the carnival board of directors laughing all the way to the bank. no need to market the cruise line for three months, no need to pay port landing fees. the ability to cut back on staffing. no need to worry about the highest fuel costs in american history...for three months. is it necessary to point out that profiteering used to be illegal in wartime. the government should have demanded better. carnival should have offered more for less. its disgusting

only one more day guys and then........friday

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I have found a side job........................

yesterday i wanted to prove just how ridiculous organized religion is so in a stunning turn of eventsi became an ordained minister online. thats right all you atheists and agnostics your old friend shoes is now a reverend shoes in the universal life church. i can pick a title for myself and i have narrowed it down to these choices.....
3.most reverend
5.universal philosopher of absolute reality
please let me know the one you prefer. i think i'll pick my title based on the vote of the people. just imagine..... a democratic religion. who'd have guessed. i havent decided what to base my ministry on yet but the thought occurred to me that hell could really be different than you might think. what if hell was only mildly annoying. for example: hell has ok restaurants but they only serve rc cola and mr pibb and all the liquor is watered down. or the homes are ok but all you have is flourescent lighting....and it hums......loudly. or everyone gets a computer but all you have is dial up. sure you have a shower but the water pressure is really low. you can get cigarettes but no menthols...and the matches are damp. you get a car but its used and it only has an am radio. now tell me that doesnt make you want to live a sin free life. i think the thoughts of a fiery hell scares some but a hell that runs like the dmv terrifies me. my god is a little different too. hes less fire and brimstone and more like.......ward cleaver. you fuck up and he just gives you a stern reprimand , then a hug a sends you on your way once you promise not to fuck up again. i'm cutting out the whole confession thing too. i'll hear yours if you want but it better be good and hot chicks get spanked if they are very bad. now i will steal the whole communion thing from the catholics but that little wafer will taste suprising like a thin mint cookie....or maybe one of those andies candies mints. i'll keep the wine too but you will be able to get a shot if you desire. this migt be the most fun thing i have ever done. i cant wait to do my first wedding.

its wednesday my children.....pass the collection plate along with the bottle.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sports tuesday...........

well i guess the steelers showed them something last night. i was so tired of everyone giving this game to the chargers. all i heard was this team could be four and oh. this team scored forty points in each of its last two games. the steelers have no answer for tomlinson and gates. yeah , they could be 4-0.....but the aint. they're 2-2. i guess two other teams had figured them out. hey, tomlinson is a great back........but he aint jim brown. you'd think he would have had a cape with a red s on it. so the steelers overcame and won a hard game on the road despite some of the worst officiating ever. i thought for sure the steelers were going to be homered there. i cant wait until we play cincinnati.

on the other front isnt it great that the two teams with the highest payrols in baseball were dumped in the first round. hey boston, you had your one year. now go back to being the lovable losers. i hope its ninety years before you win another championship. as for the yanks.....HA. congrats on buying randy johnson two years late. mvp a-rod really comes through in the clutch for you guys. i guess 26 million doesnt get you what it used to. thats right a-rod pulls down 26 mil to not hit in the post season. do the math.....every two wekks he gets 1 million dollars. three yanks drove in over 100 runs during the regular season.........they had 3 rbi's combined in this series. nice job guys.

the only thing left now is for st.louis to fall apart in the series. they seem to have a history of that.

last but not least. in leesburg florida the city is investigating accusations that a youth football coach jeff bennett created a hit list and ordered his players to hurt them at a recent game. in the game on october 3rd one of his players intentionally tripped an 11 year old from the other team after he scored a touchdown.....shattering his wrist. bennett denies the accusations. of course he did, what else could he do. should he explain how he lives vicariously through his child? that all his unrealized dreams from his youth are now hoisted upon his sons shoulders? that his need to win outweighs his need to teach young children sportsmanship. i see this in the athletic association my son plays in now. guys who didnt make the team or played small college ball but just werent good enough are teaching their children to be bullies. the only redeeming thing to it all is that almost every one of those fathers makes no money, lives in a shitty home and is married to some fat, loudmouthed loser. by the way all youth football games in leesburg have been cancelled while the city investigates the allegations.

let just try to get through tueday .....ok?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Cronyism at its finest.......

the more i learn about harriet miers the less i like her. could there possibly be a less qualified candidate put up for supreme court justice ever? she has never set on the bench....anywhere.......EVER. she was quoted as saying that dubya was the smartest man she ever knew. her biggest job (after heading up the dubya fan club) was commissioner of the texas lottery (which i'm sure she wasnt qualified for either). now karl rove is assuring conservatives that she'll vote the way they want her to. isnt it about time that karl rove is called out for the treasonist bastard that he is? makes you wonder whos running this country. you can see karl telling dubya to nominate her because she'll vote like we want. can anyone possibly tell me (with a straight face) that shes the most qualified person in america. arlen specter heads the senate judiciary committee and he says to give her a chance. spoken like a true republican arlen. theres another schmuck that pennsylvania needs to vote out. i sure hope this blows up in the republicans faces and they sart fighting amongst themselves. a republican meltdown would do my heart good.

and in the administrations initiative that "no oilman be left behind" a bill was passed to give money to the oil companies so that they can build more refineries. regardless that the oil companies have made profit this year like never before in history we will give them more money. of course this administration would never put any real money into finding alternative fuel sources....that goes against their oil buddies. i guess we dont need to wonder whos running this country anymore.

its monday....wake up bright eyes.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday randoms.............

katie holmes is pregnant. the obvious joke is whos the father but i'll bet theres a joke she hasnt even thought of. scientology has an interesting take on the birthing process (as they do with everything). first....NO DRUGS. ask just about any woman whos had a kid if they think the drugs were a waste. ask any woman who asked for the drugs too late and couldnt get them. to add insult to injury the baby must be delivered in silence so as not to disturb the newborn. your going to hear katie scream for miles. i should have tried that with my wife. no drugs honey and do you think you can keep the noise down a little. thats what katie gets for letting a kook knock her up.

stevie wonder could get his sight back. there working on this new microchip technology and hes in negotiations to be a guinea pig for it. he says he was tested and there was a possiblity that he could be a candidate for it. someone better change his ridiculous hairstyle and clothes before he gets in front of a mirror. stevie will flip out if he sees how they've been making him look. be a shame if he has a heart attack the same day as he gets sight.

nick cage is a new father. a little boy. whats the name you ask. kal-el coppola cage. i see a kid whos going to write a tell all book when hes 18 to get even for that. better home school that poor kid. i can hear it now
kid in schoolyard: your cal?
kal-el: yeah thats me.
kis: were you named for cal ripken?
kal: no my dad named me for superman. no not clark but his name from the planet krypton.
kis: whats wrong with your parents?
kal: fuck you. wait and buy my book.
god have mercy on that child.

maybe they're just stupider in oregon. a women is suing a doctor and his medical clinic for 4 million dollars because he convinced her that sex with him would cure her back pain. i think he should counter sue. he never thought he'd find someone that stupid and then who'd have thought she would wise up. thats false advertising as far as i'm concerned and if shes blonde that furthers his case. she probably blowing the plumber right now to unclog her sink. i only hope tht she gets fixed with the 4 million. she shouldnt be adding to the gene pool. her end is shallow enough.

well kids yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of this blog. dont get all emotional. raise a beer for me this weekend

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A comment for a comment............

yesterday i wrote in my blog concerning harriet miers being put up for supreme court justice. i got this comment..........

It's very sad to dismiss someone just because they say they are born again. Do you think there is any connection between the drop off in comments to your blog and your obviously biased slant on anything to do with the current administration?

let me address this today. no it isnt sad to dismiss someone just because they are born again. you'll forgive me if i seem to work off of my past expirences. born again christians give other christians (ie: jim bakker, pat robertson...etc) a bad name. i find most of them to be zealots that will not only NOT see your points but most dont even recognize your right to have a point that doesnt agree with them. they are a group that never has anything to say good but points out that if you dont agree with them then your on a bullet train to hell so the answer is NO, i dont think its bad to dismiss them. i want free thinkers on the supremem court not someone who believes in a mythical figure. the bible does NOT trump the bill of rights.
second i couldnt care less about the drop off in comments on my blog. those fluctuate depending on content anyway. i dont write here to get comments (though i do enjoy reading them) i write to get my point out there. like it or not....hell, like me or not i'm telling you my thoughts. read it ...dont read it , its up to you. i dont write to please others, i write to please myself.
lastly, i am biased against this administration. hell, i'm biased against all politcians. i think they are all crooks. i think there should be term limits. i think the people should vote on raises for our elected officials. i dont think their benefits should be fully paid until they die. i dont think big oil should be calling the shots in government. i think the cost of campaigning should be greatly reduced. thats just a few things. i also think that organized religions should be abolished. that barry bonds records shouldnt count (not because of steroids but because hes a prick). i think the fcc is a bunch of jackoffs. i think the bible should be considered fiction....the same as a harry potter book (harry potter is a better read....and yes i've read both).

so if you dont agree with me thats cool. dont come back...or come back and lets discuss it. see nobody wants to discuss anything anymore. its just say someone is a jerk and turn away. you may not change my mind but i will always listen to intelligent debate. i lamented the fact that grampapinhead is quitting his blog....and he and i almost never see eye to eye but he was passionate and made good points. thats all i ask.

thursday.....rollin towards the weekend.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who's harriet miers............

this is the woman that dubya wants us to have as a supreme court justice. her thoughts on issues like abortion havent come up.....YET. one of the headlines in the pittsburgh post gazette says that her friends say her life changed when she found faith. they refer to her as born again. well thats enough for me not to want to see her siting on the bench.....not that she has much expirence with that. shes never been a judge before but she has been a lawyer....strike two. when bush was asked during a press coference about her qualifications he brought up the fact that he made her commisioner of the lottery in texas. i actually think her biggest job is being the secretary in the george w. bush fan club. when dubya was asked if her opinion on abortion ever came up in conversation he said it never had. of course it hasnt. she looks like his mom. who wants to discuss abortion with their mom? this woman looks like she hasnt had her ticket punched since ike carried his own golf clubs. oh well, i'm sure she will get pushed through and thats our fault america. we voted that schmuck in for a second term knowing that supreme court justices were getting way old. this is karma at its finest. thank you red states. i hope you people enjoy the war, gas prices through the roof and your rights disappearing. if it makes you feel better pat robertson likes harriet miers.

half way through kids. as they say in the red states lets "git r dun".

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Whats so special about tuesday......

i'm a little under the weather today so i'm going to keep this short and sweet.

grampapinhead has said hes chucking in the blogging towel. he cant do it anymore. this is a shame. he had a good blog and i enjoyed reading it (even though politically he was almost always wrong). i can name about six bloggers who have either said that they are quitting or taking a break. maybe folks, we are just a little too caught up in blogging. this shouldnt be a strain on you. i find doing this blog to be fun. i enjoy telling everyone how they should think and explaining the right way to think to the uninformed. i dont feel that i need to post every day or my life will not be complete (yours might but mine would be complete). why is it that blogs i like quit and the ones with poetry or pictures of their kids/family/puppy just keep going. lets make a new rule......if i like your blog you need to come to me when you are going to quit. i will explain that you cant leave until you train a suitable replacement. that seems fair.

ok get to work....i'm tired of talking.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Another monday, yeah..........

hank erwin a state senator from alabama is proclaiming that hurricane katrina was gods punishment for sin. i guess this perspective no longer is limited to the nutty part of christianity. unfortunately for me i run into people who say this all the time (pittsburgh being run by the churches and the stupid elderly). lets get this straight. if you teach your children not to strike out whenever they get mad then christians would say your teaching your children to be more godly. i say not. seems their god is no more intelligent than a small child. he gets mad so he sends a hurricane to wipe out everyone, not just the bad ones but everyone. if god is omnipotent shouldnt he be able to wipe out just the bad ones? he did it in gommorah. the old teatament god seemed to care more about his work. i say the same thing about aids. if god sent that as a plague on the gays why does it kill straight people too? sloppy work there god. their god strikes me as a bully. now what do we do about bullies, we avoid them, but not the christians. no, they go and honor him weekly. if i felt god was like that i wouldnt go to church for that reason alone but logic and religion dont mix. either does religion and intelligence.

proving once again what most christians truly praise...ralph reed who was the mouthpiece for the christian coalition was caught in a lie. ralph condemned gambling as a "cancer on the american body politic" quietly worked in 2000 to kill a proposed ban on internet wagering....on behalf of a company in the online gambling industry. ralph, now a republican candidate for the lieutenant governor of georgia refuses to be interviewed for articles concerning this. his people say that he opposed the legislation because it exempted some types of online betting. people in the know say that any ban would have been better than nothing. i dont care about either side of the debate. i dont gamble on the net but i think you should be allowed to if you so desire. what i do feel is so funny is that it shows that a christian bulldog, like ralph reed, can be bought and sold. his morals are for sale. i'd love to know what ralph made so i have a baseline for what someones soul is worth.

ok kids, the week starts now.