Thursday, October 27, 2005

Suprises for your thursday...............

i guess the score now reads american soldiers dead in iraq-2000
weapons of mass destruction found-0
congratulations president bush. mission accomplished. he said the only way to honor these war dead are to stay until the job is done. i can only imagine how many more young men and women will be dead by then. in some telling statistics we find that almost all the casualties happened after dubya declared " mission accomplished". soldiers over in iraq are dying at a rate of around 800 per year and regardless of what dubya, cheney and rumsfeld tell us that rate is going up. the second thousand were killed faster than the first thousand and there is no reason to believe that the third thousand wont be killed even faster. their underground army is becoming more and more efficent at killing our soldiers and we cant stop it. dont get me wrong our soldiers are trying but this isnt a conventional war and we wont fight like they do so they keep sending boys home in body bags. this isnt even beginning to tell you how many are wounded...that number far exceeds 2000. our government wont even give out those numbers. and for what? we didnt get any weapons of mass destruction, oil is more expensive now than ever, we arent any safer, we arent even trying to explore alternative fuel sources. congrats mr president....mission accomplished.

sheryl swoopes has announced shes a lesbian. are you suprised? actually i'd be more suprised if you knew who sheryl swoopes is. she a star player in the wnba (thats womens basketball). hey sheryl if you wanted to shock me find me a player in the wnba who isnt a lesbian (not that i have anything against lesbians...i am one). will it hurt her endorsements? i didnt know she had any endorsement deals. this wont hurt the wnba because nobody gives a good shit about the wnba....and why should they? the absolute worst team in mens college ball would beat the best wnba team. i'm not talking alcorn state here i mean the team from the yashiva school of syosset long island would beat them. five nice jewish boys would kick their asses. hey congrats sheryl, i hope you have a wonderful relationship but lets be honest this isnt news and its hardly a blip on the sports radar screen.

see, i knew you'd be get to work.


Grampapinhead said...

Sheryl Swopes suddenly just got a whole lot better looking. I want to be reincarnated as one of those rugmunchers.

Gigglezngrinz said...

Rugmunchers? Old as you are that cant be a new term, but Ive never heard it and I have teenagers. Gave me a completely unnecessary visual. Thank you.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Great blog. Keep up the good work!