Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Its tuesday, and i'm struggling.............

not feeling well today.....and these stories arent making me feel any better.

in ravenna ohio nelson wright is a youth minister with the lighthouse community church. hes doing what he believes is gods work, well actually, you might think that....i'm not so sure nelson feels that way. massilon police arrested nelson on two felony counts of soliciting sex from an underage teen online. the teenage girl was actually an undercover police officer. i'm sure nelson has had better days. what a stunning example for christianity he is. you wonder how many kids he has abused before he got caught. heres hoping that hell has a special room set aside for nelson.

in another example of someone who should be given a lethal injection immediately a denver hospice worker pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a blind, deaf and nearly comatose 10 YEAR OLD GIRL.......with a teerminal illness. as if life hasnt kicked this kids ass hard enough this sick bastard has to go for the kill shot. james philpott, 55, said he had sex with the girl because he wanted her to experience pleasure before she died. seems to me like james wanted to experience pleasure before she died. her parents ought to get ten minutes in a room with james....see how much pleasure he gets from that. he was also charged with assaulting an 89 year old woman at the hospice but those charges were dropped because she suffers from dementia and wasnt sure she had been assaulted. be nice to your kids ....they decide your hospice.

and if those werent an affront to your senses a wisconsin man is in jail for using an electric dog collar on his 8 year old daughter because.......survey said.......she was eating breakfast too slow. he set the intensity on 4 but threatened to turn it up to 6 if she didnt eat quicker. he denied using it at first but then admitted to using it to "calm her down". mom threatened to wake dad up and when she didnt eat faster she did. mom hasnt been arrested but hte child is living with relatives. now who wants to argue against sterilization with this couple.

lets just get through tuesday.


ccw said...

What an excellent example of a youth minister; what an asshole!

That hopsice worker should be shot. You're absolutely right, her parents deserve time alone with him. May I die at home.

I will not even try to argue about why that couple should be allowed to reproduce. That is insane.

Anonymous said...

Although I am all for putting pervert pedophiles away for a long, long time, I do have to take issue with the fact that a man can be charged with "soliciting sex from an underage teen" when there is no actual teen complainant online. Who is the acutal underage teen that is going to testify against him? She/he doesn't exist. I am not totally convinced of this notion and I am straddling the fence, but the civil libertarian in me wants to err on the side of caution when it comes to an overzealous government hellbent on entrapment.

-JAKE FEGAN (rachael's husband)

As always... Rachael said...

I disagree wityh my husband on all counts. Jake hates the government, and fears that aggressive governmental campaigns could be used to persecute people. I feel that entrapment methods are okay, no neccessary, in this kind of situation. Anyone who bites at a child-oriented lure, is a danger. I want themn in jail.

Jake and I are fighting as I type - not fighting - debating. How old was the girl?

Jake is right, there is no minor to testify against the "bad man"... and no follow-through took place... nobody got fucked.

I see his points, but my 12 yr old daughter requires me to feel differently. Kiddie-prom made by adults with age-regression technology? Throw the consumer of that shit in the fire. It won't be long before they become real-life predators.

We're still debating... thanks for the fun Mr pissed!! I'll let you now who wins (me!)