Friday, April 28, 2006

Outsourcing at the highest level............

A man sentenced to 90 years in prison for attempting to set his Orlando home on fire with his family sleeping inside said God commanded him to sacrifice his wife and children, according to a Local 6 News report.
Hans Missal, 51, admitted to dousing his Orlando home with gasoline last March. Missal also duct-taped the doors shut and ran a hose from the house to a car tailpipe while his wife, son and daughter slept before he attempted to set the structure on fire.
Missal compared himself to the Bible's Abraham, who was commanded by God to sacrifice his own son, and said he received a message from God to kill his entire family, Local 6 News reported.
"God had a plan for my family, I had no idea what that plan was," Missal said. "I trusted God and God was faithful to the end."
"I know that God was putting me through a test," Missal said. "He said, 'Do you love your family?' And absolutely, I love them more than anything in this world."
"Missal understands why people may think he is mentally ill," Local 6 reporter Mike DeForest said. "But he said it was all God's plan for him to serve the next 90 years in prison
He also said it was God's plan for his wife and children to endure such mental anguish.
"I know too many children who have easy lives and they suffer for that," Missal said.
"So, this was to make your kid stronger?" DeForest said.
"It was not to make my kid stronger, but they will be stronger because of it," Missal said.
Missal is leading a Bible study group at jail.
He will soon be transported to state prison, where he plans to spend time praying.

i remember when god used to do this kind of stuff himself or he would send the angel of death. he didnt ask someone to do this kind of thing. next thing you know hes going to be getting apu from india to do this job. i understand they will kill for less. the funny part is this guy thinks its gods will that he spend the next 90 years in jail. is this gods idea of a practical joke. its going to make his kid stronger? i dont see how with him sleeping with one eye open from now on. i guess you have to be pretty secure in your afterlife to throw god under the bus for wanting to murder your family. on a related story............

Five Mexican children were killed when a large metal cross they were praying at was struck by lightning in central Mexico, local media reported Monday.
Five children between 9 and 16 years old died and several others suffered burns when lightning struck a white-painted metal cross set on a hill in the town of Santa Maria del Rio early on Sunday, according to two newspaper reports.
Several families had been participating in a midnight ceremony as part of a local religious festival that centers around the cross.

see now this is the god from the old testament. kill people praying at a cross. its so like him. actually it proves that you really should hang around a large metal cross (ie: lightning rod) during a thunderstorm. it didnt matter that they were praying.

friday is fun day kids. lets have some.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

oil, oil everywhere..........

president bush went before the renewable fuel association to give a speech. he told them that he knew there was a problem with gas prices but that he didnt have a magic wand to wave over it and fix the problem. this is really bad because without a magic wand we will have to rely on his brain. as we have learned (far too late by the way)his brain is not his friend. in reality its not our friend either. his brain is only wired to help his friends and family and, almost without fail, screw america. as he pointed out to the good people of the rfa there are many different alternative fuels andv as soon as the good folk at haliburton find a way to monopolize it and keep the prices artificially high he will decide which one to fund. seems like a dandy idea seeing that hes allowing exxon to literally put a straw into iraq and suck it dry, which by the way was made possible by creatibg a needless war, but those good times cant go on forever. try to keep this all in mind when you go to vote for your representitives and senators that told you what a great administration this is and how they care about america. no one imagined five years ago that things could be as bad as they are right now but they are (thank you red states). the congressmen and woman are now running away from bush as fast as their little snakelike legs can carry them but the stench of this administration sticks with them. if they are that bad of judges of charcter should they be making decisions for america? vote them out.

what a way to start your get movin.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And you think your behind in rent.......

A WOMAN lay dead in her flat for almost three years with the heating and TV on before her body was found.
Joyce Vincent's skeleton was surrounded by unopened Christmas presents and stacks of unopened mail had built up on her doormat.
The 40-year-old's body was so decomposed that the only way to identify her was to compare dental records with a holiday photograph of her smiling.
Ms Vincent was found lying on her back on the floor of the living room, which also doubled as a bedroom.
Police believe she probably died of natural causes in early 2003 but an inquest at Hornsey Coroner's Court today heard she was not found until January this year.
She had apparently been placed in the women's refuge accommodation as a victim of domestic violence, a spokesman for the coroner said.
Officials from Metropolitan Housing Trust only visited the bedsit in Wood Green, north east London, on January 25 because thousands of pounds of rent arrears had piled up.
When they drilled the door open they discovered stacks of unopened post, dating back almost three years and medication and food with February 2003 expiry dates.
Pathologist Dr Simon Poole told the inquest he had been unable to establish the cause of death because the remains were "largely skeletal", but police do not regard the circumstances as suspicious.

ok, this story is sad. i get it but on the upside you dont have to pay rent for three years here. i mean who the hell can get away with not paying the rent for three years? thats the amazing part of this story. thats a landlord whos very understanding. do you think he went afterthe estate for back rent? i mean hes been housing her corpse for those years.

this should get your hump day off to a rousing start.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Please dont stress out the church..........

CATHOLIC group Opus Dei has told Sony Pictures that putting a disclaimer on the upcoming movie The Da Vinci Code stressing it is a work of fiction would be a welcome show of respect toward the Church
With the movie's opening a month away, Opus Dei and other Christian groups have been sponsoring websites telling people the novel should not be believed.
A letter posted on Good Friday holiday on Opus Dei's website cites media reports as saying Sony Pictures may consider a disclaimer.
"An eventual decision of Sony in this direction would be a sign of respect toward the figure of Jesus Christ, the history of the Church, and the religious beliefs of viewers," the group said in the letter.

can i see a disclaimer before every showing of the ten commandments? is its fiction then why should the church be bothered and if its not fiction.......then they should crawl into a corner and be quiet. the book does not show any disrespect towards jesus and any directed at the church are deserved. oh well, as sony thinks ...any publicity is good publicity. this movie is going to make a bazillion dollars at the box office regardless of what the church does.

by the way did they show a disclaimer before the passion of the christ?

cmon , it tuesday. things arent going to get done by themselves.

Monday, April 24, 2006

And your job is bad..............

Police in Iowa have arrested two people accused of filing a fake obituary for teenager Dan "D.J." Reddout with a newspaper to get off work for a few days.
Police said James Ralph Snyder, who is the boyfriend of Reddout's mother, and the boy's mother, Mary Jo Elizabeth Jensen, submitted a death notice to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier newspaper, saying that Jensen's 17-year-old son had died at the Mayo Clinic after a lengthy illness.
Authorities were notified after the teen was spotted at a restaurant by some family friends.
Police said the pair did it so they could get off work for a few days.
Both Snyder and Jensen worked at Tyson Foods and started taking time off from work in December by claiming the boy was hospitalized with an illness, the paper reported.
As the scheme continued, Tyson officials were told the boy was on life support and had died, according to the paper.
Snyder and Jensen took several days for funeral leave, the paper reported. After they took the days off, officials from Tyson told the pair they needed verification for their absences, the paper reported.
"The boyfriend eventually went to the Waterloo Courier and had a false obituary placed in the newspaper to satisfy their employer," the Courier reported.
The Courier reported that the teen's mother said the fake obituary was caused by "bad communication" and that Snyder submitted the obituary after she told him her son was ill and she had joked about his death.
Synder is charged with tampering with records. Jensen is charged with being an accessory after the fact.

The obituary read as follows:

Dan “D.J.” Reddout (1988-2005)

WATERLOO — Dan “D.J.” Reddout, 17, of Waterloo, died Saturday, Dec. 24, at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., of complications from surgery.
He was born April 26, 1988, in Waterloo, son of James Snyder and Mary Jo Jensen. He attended West High School.
Survived by: his parents of Waterloo; grandparents, Vern and Edie Reddout of Iowa City and Glenda Tidaman of Waterloo; an uncle, Kevin Reddout of Cedar Rapids; and two aunts, Janet Reddout of Cedar Rapids and Sandy (Randy) Lee of Stout.
Graveside services: were Tuesday at Osage Memorial Cemetery, Osage.
Memorials: may be directed to the family.

how bad of a job does this woman have? what were the ideas she turned down? these are the questions i want answered. can you imagine that conversation....."should we kill him? we can use the time. no honey lets not kill him now. lets save that for when things are really stressful". you think this kid sleeps with one eye open now? if mom is willing to file a fake obit to get some time off she'll kill you for a weeks paid vacation. mom isnt in the running for mother of the year but what kind of mom jokes about the kids death? i can see where you'd think that was a misunderstanding. well it looks like they'll be getting some time off soon.

happy monday everyone.

Think your cursed?............

Moscow - Russian police are looking for two mystics who persuaded a student to part with more than $160 000 in exchange for lifting a curse, RIA news agency reported on Sunday.
"Two unknown women, on the pretext of lifting a curse, stole $150 000 and some jewellery by means of deception.
The total amount stolen is estimated at 4.48 million roubles ($161 800)," the agency quoted a police source as saying.
The victim is a female student at Moscow's elite State Institute for International Affairs, RIA said.
Many Russians are highly superstitious.
They spend huge sums each year on faith healers and alternative medicine.

Singapore - An 18-year-old student jumped to his death because he was convinced his genitals were too small, a Singapore coroner's report said on Wednesday.
In delivering the verdict of suicide, state Coroner Tan Boon Heng said that the incident highlighted the importance of sex education in and outside schools.
The junior college student's death showed that even intelligent young people can be "victims of misinformation," Tan said.
"The deceased was so tormented by his unfounded (belief in his) inadequacy that it drove him to end his life," the ruling said.

some of you looked a little down and i want ed to show you some folks who have a real reason to feel down. i mean way down. "way down upon the swanee river".....ok you bugs bunny fans will get that the rest of you will think that was drivel. anyways, to kill yourself for small genitals would be like a death sentence for every asian man. hell, its a death sentence for me. actually i'm huge in asia. as for the faith healers in russia well, we have them here too. there called priests. anyone whos catholic knows that nobody goes after your money harder than the church with nothing in return. its faith healing under another name. you see pleanty of college educated people in america giving money to religions so dont laugh at the russians so quick. oh well, at least we can laugh at the misfortunes of others.

its friday everyone.......lets celebrate.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tom cruise is completely insane..........

TOM Cruise yesterday revealed his latest bizarre eat his new baby's placenta.
Cruise vowed he would tuck in straight after girlfriend Katie Holmes gives birth, saying he thought it would be "very nutritious".
The Mission Impossible star, 43, said: "I'm gonna eat the placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I'm gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there." It is the latest in a series of increasingly strange outbursts from Cruise in the run-up to the birth.
The actor, who recently also claimed he has the power to cure drug addicts, has even been carrying out his own medical scans on the fetus after buying himself an ultrasound machine.
Silent birth is one of the rules of the cult of Scientology, which Cruise is devoted to.
The cult - founded by the late sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard - claims that 75 million years ago aliens came to earth and their spirits now infest our bodies.
Cruise told GQ magazine Hubbard had discovered making a noise had a "negative spiritual effect" on someone giving birth. He insisted that 27-year-old Katie would be allowed to scream, adding cryptically: "It is really about respecting the woman. It's not about her screaming.
"And scientifically it is proven. Now there are medical research papers that say when a woman's giving birth everyone should be quiet."

ok, lets just assume he meant that he wanted to eat some "corn and polenta" and not the cord and placenta. he was misquoted. to assume otherwise would be admitting hes just plain "batshit crazy". ok, i was just joking...hes batshit crazy. there is some really funny stuff in this article not the least of which is the refering to scientology as a cult. sure its a cult but not any more than catholicism or judaism or......well you see where i'm going. thank god this kids parents are wealthier than god because the kid stands no chance at all of being normal. tom is screwed up and he found scientology later in life. imagine what that will do to a kid whos indoctrinated from birth.

the funny thing is this was knocked off of the headlines by the duke lacrosse team raping a hooker.........sorry i meant stripper. under the heading that "any publicity is good publicity" this should be a boon to the duke lacrosse program but i'm guessing they feel otherwise. i see two sides to this (dont i always). first, isnt it funny that the two guys arrested are from the two wealthiest families. they are the richest kids on the team and wouldnt a stripper be able to google that info in a jiffy. usually this is just to get $200 in the champagne room but the payoff here would be much larger. on the other hand is there anyone who thinks some privledged white kids would think twice about raping a black stripper without any consequences. hmmmm..... rich white kids taking advantage of someone of a lesser staion in life....where have i heard this scenerio before? oh yeah, the white house.....right now. so actually if they did rape her they could argue that they only raped one black stripper while our president rapes a nation .....and hes not arrested. a strong case for both sides. it will be interesting to see where the fickle finger of fate finally lands but i'm guessing it wont be on the rich white kids.

its thursday kids, get out and have some fun.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Teachers cant catch a break..........

FARGO, N.D. (AP) -- A teacher on her way to school in South Dakota was caught speeding at more than 100 mph, thanks to a tip from a driver who said the woman had been routinely passing him at triple-digit speeds, authorities say.
Heather Jo Smith, 25, of Fargo, was clocked at 102 mph on Wednesday near the Horace exit on Interstate 29, Cass County Sheriff's Capt. Mike Argall said.
Smith was driving a car that is owned by the Northeast Educational Co-op in Hayti, S.D., Argall said.
Smith did not immediately return a telephone message seeking comment Thursday that was left at her office. A message left at a Fargo listing for Heather Jo Smith was not immediately returned.
"We got a tip from a gentleman who said he had been passed by a small, dark car with South Dakota plates at least five times in the last month going more than 100," Argall said.
The man called authorities on Tuesday to report the driver. The next day, a deputy was posted along the highway near Horace, where the man said he had been passed by the speeding vehicle, each time at around 8 a.m.
"As luck would have it, there was a small, dark car with South Dakota plates heading south at more than 100," Argall said.
Smith was pulled over shortly before 8 a.m.
Tips about speeders rarely result in a ticket because the driver is long gone before a deputy can respond, Argall said. "This was a good one," he said.
Smith was issued a ticket for $135 and assessed 10 of the 12 points on her North Dakota driver's license, Argall said.
Smith's employer also was contacted. Smith works as a speech pathologist at the school, Argall said.
"We talked to her supervisor and he was appreciative," Argall said. "Hopefully, they will take interest in her driving because we sure did."

is anybody ever happy with teachers? if she was late you would bitch. shes trying to get to school on time and someone turns her in. cmon folks, make up your mind. at least this one isnt screwing her students.....yet. lets be honest, 102 mph is way out of line. if she went out of control and killed someone this woulddnt be a funny post. i would be calling for her head.

ok its wednesday....get humpin.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More school sex..................

A teacher in Coffeeville, Ala., has been charged with having sex with at least four students from Coffeeville High School, involving at least one of them in a plot to kill her husband, police said.
Police said Sharon Linton Rutherford, 30, was arrested in connection with the accusations.
A sheriff's detective said two of the four apparent victims were under the age of 16. Authorities are investigating to see if any more students have been involved.
The charges Rutherford faces include solicitation of murder, first-degree rape, second-degree sexual abuse and two counts of enticing a child for immoral purposes.
Rutherford remains in the Clarke County Jail with bond set at $55,000.
A school official said Rutherford was placed on administrative leave from her position as an English teacher until the case is completed.

wow, this goes on more than i thought. why didnt i get picked for this assignment. i would have screwed a teacher for extra credit. on the other hand this one isnt so easy on the eyes. sure that cute blonde in florida had us all drooling but this one might not do the trick. can a kid this age really need viagra? i think we can stop calling these young boys "victims". i would have loved to be a victim of this when i was in school. the funny thing is it seems these women cant stop with these kids. that mary latourneau (that cant be the right spelling) went to jail because she couldnt stand to be away from that kid and then married him when she got out and that lefevre (again , not the right spelling) chick from florida is going back to jail because she contacted her kid over the net. if i was these kids i'd be bragging about this. hell, if i was their dad i'd be bragging. imagine that conversation at the club....." well i understand your johnny hit the game winning homerun but my billy has a hot blonde going back to jail because she cant get enough of his johnson". what a proud family moment.

alright get busy on some tuesday stuff.

Monday, April 17, 2006

God speaks again.........

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. -- The pursuit started along US 27 in Tavares when deputies tried to pull over Ashley Walters for driving with a broken taillight. The 19-year-old refused to stop, leading led deputies and highway patrol on a chase that finally ended near the Polk County line.
The Lake County Sheriff Department has a brand new form of ammunition that was used for the first time in a tactical situation. The small, red gumball-shaped round, known as a "pepper ball," is fired from a gun. Upon impact, it explodes and spreads pepper spray all over the place.
19-year old Ashley Walters is a very soft spoken young woman, at least when she talked with us, and she's also in a whole lot of trouble.
Walters was racing down US 27 at one-thirty in the morning, trying to outrun Lake County deputies and the Florida Highway Patrol.
The chase went on for miles, until she finally pulled into the median near the Polk County line.
Walters refused to get out of the car; after 41 minutes she learned a lesson the hard way.
Lieutenant Steve Moss fired his rifle at the fleeing suspect. It was loaded with the powder ammunition called a 'pepper ball."
He blasted Walters' car, pepper spray exploding all over it. It turns out it did not stop her, and Walters peeled out and took off again.
After a few more miles she stopped the car, and deputies raced up and smashed their way through the windows, firing more pepper balls, and eventually using a taser to subdue her.
Finally, they pulled Walters out of the vehicle, and now she's facing felony charges for trying to outrun the law and resisting arrest. This is Walters' third trip to jail.
Walters claims she is on medication for manic depression, but the Sheriff's cannot confirm that.
The reason the deputy tried to pull her over was that her tail lights were out.
Walters says the reason why did she not stop was that she felt the presence of God telling her to keep driving.

ok, is it just me or is god handing out some shaky advice lately. this i would categorize as really bad advice. maybe god has a really wacked sense of humor. oh how i hope that is true. its my invite into heaven. really though isnt it funny how almost everyone who you know who found god found god when no one else would reach out to them. after you've run through everyone you know and ruined every relationship you ever had then you seem to find god. oh well, i guess i better go ask god some questions about why mondays suck so bad.

ok, its monday. get goin. the work isnt going to get done by itself.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The easter post.............

what would easter week be without a touching religious post from me. and now, a story about someone who really, in this day and age, embodies what christs teachings mean to me. so without further ado.......

Katie Holmes is standing by Tom Cruise's Scientology beliefs by not speaking to her own child for 7 days after giving birth. Katie is said to be pregnant with a girl and according to Scientology rules mothers cannot speak to their children for one week after giving birth.
Katie has also been advised not to make any loud noises during labor as to not stress out the baby.
L. Ron Hubbard suggests that mothers not have any communication with their babies, so the newborn will not associate their voice with the trauma of birth.
I think that hearing Tom Cruise's crazy voice will be much more traumatic for the baby than hearing his own mother's voice.

is there anything more ridiculous than scientology. this is just kooky. yes i used the word kooky. i once used the phrase "batshit crazy" when refering to scientologists and i think it aplies here too. feel free to use whatever you feel is acceptable and allows you to sleep through the night. by the way does anyone else think that l ron hubbard had a traumatic birth and that his mother was just a bitch.

oh well, happy easter everyone. heres hoping you find all the eggs you hid around the house before they go bad.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The republican partys ship is sinking........

is there anything i love more than watching the wheels come off of this administration? do i think it will matter at all? will the democrats be any better? the answer to every one of the questions is no. it is fun to see bush get caught in lies and as i said the other day i will accept his letter of resignation any time he wants. read on my friends.............

Vice President Cheney threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the home opener of the Washington Nationals game today. The crowd was was less than thrilled to have him there, loudly booing over the Fox News reporter. (Note: Fox producers muted the crowd audio halfway through before letting viewers “listen in” after the pitch.)

Political reversals at home and continued bad news from Iraq have dragged President Bush's standing with the public to a new low, at the same time that Republican fortunes on Capitol Hill also are deteriorating, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.
The survey found that 38 percent of the public approve of the job Bush is doing, down three percentage points in the past month and his worst showing in Post-ABC polling since he became president. Sixty percent disapprove of his performance

On May 29, 2003, 50 days after the fall of Baghdad, President Bush proclaimed a fresh victory for his administration in Iraq: Two small trailers captured by U.S. and Kurdish troops had turned out to be long-sought mobile "biological laboratories." He declared, "We have found the weapons of mass destruction."
The claim, repeated by top administration officials for months afterward, was hailed at the time as a vindication of the decision to go to war. But even as Bush spoke, U.S. intelligence officials possessed powerful evidence that it was not true.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A golden nugget............

i love to find well written articles on the web. its like finding a gold nugget in a stream.......a really large stream. i envy people who can write well. the ability to get all your thoughts down in a concise manner without alot of extra bullshit evades me (as any reader of this blog will tell you). let me say that i was turned onto this article by my friends at the atheist revolution. so with out further ado......

The atheist and the moderate Muslim
When it comes to taking offence,

we all need to do some growing up
Feb. 12, 2006. 01:00 AM
Those angry protesters were really, really going at it. They rallied and yelled and said the artwork "sew[ed] evil into people," made a mockery of their god, and that, "there should be freedom of speech but there should never be freedom for desecration."
Said indignant Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, "If this show portrayed Mohammed or Vishnu as homosexual, ridiculous and ineffectual, it would never have seen the light of day."
Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think I was talking about something else?
No one died during this particular protest, mind you, but apart from that there's not much difference between Christian Brits recently protesting Jerry Springer: The Opera and Muslims protesting those Danish cartoons.
Both groups were offended. They were upset. Their feelings were bruised. As sullenly explained by Pakistani regional chief minister Akram Durrani, "Nobody has the right to insult Islam and hurt the feelings of Muslims."
Hurt feelings? Are you fragging kidding me!?
It used to be mommy would get you a cookie when your feelings got hurt if nobody wanted to play with you because you wore the wrong clothes or had stupid hair. It is sort of cute and appropriate when you're a toddler. It's not so cute when grown men call for shows to be shut down or for the hands of artists to be chopped off, because they've been offended!
If you're Oprah Winfrey and your feelings have been wounded by an author whose tall tale you couldn't see through, surrounded as you are by the haze of the cult of self-help, you take that author to the public woodshed and spank him for an hour. James Frey has been a bad, bad man for hurting Oprah's feelings.
But at least he's not a filmmaker, who, like Ang Lee, has made a movie "morally offensive" to Catholics. Or a British insurance company whose employee incentive program, consisting of bottles of wine, resulted in a Muslim employee ending up with "hurt feelings." And let us not forget the music teacher in Colorado who showed students clips of the opera Faust. It "glorifies Satan," an outraged and offended parent said.
Well, of course it does, dear.
When a misunderstanding had it that Britney Spears was to appear in a guest spot on Will & Grace as a right-wing Christian, The American Family Association said the role, "mocks the crucifixion of Christ." Would you like a cup of warm milk and a lie-down?
It's comforting to know there are people out there who try to shield other sensitive souls from being offended. Like the Suffolk schoolteacher who asked that the crosses be removed from the cafeteria hot-cross buns so as to not upset pupils who are Jehovah's Witnesses. Or, bless their hearts, our very own CHFI radio, which will not run an ad that uses the word vagina, because it might make their listeners "uncomfortable" or make children ask questions, something that must be discouraged at all costs.
I work hard, as an atheist, at not being angered by the increasing inclusion of this, that or whatever god in areas of life that should be secular
So, to sum up: pastries, cartoons, vaginas, opera, literary licence, free wine, cowboys romping and Britney Spears. I have to say that, apart from Britney, there's nothing there I find even slightly offensive.
Hot-cross buns are yummy. Editorial cartoons are a quick and smart way of making a point in a world increasingly attention-span-challenged. Without vaginas none of us would be here. Opera is, granted, an acquired taste, but once you get it... . Literary licence is not against the law and can lead to evocatively interesting prose. Who doesn't like free wine? Good-looking guys who are into each other? Pretty.
Even Britney is kind of amusing in her idiocy. Point being, if you don't like bread and female genitalia and fat singing ladies and gay love and wine and authors who lie, don't look. Don't listen. Don't read. Don't go to the opera. Turn away. Shrug your shoulders and go enjoy whatever it is that calms your fragile psyche.
Just spare us the nonsense about the hurt feelings and the offence taken. What are you? Five?
Think very hard about whether your personal sense of hurt and feelings of being entitled to an existence never rocked by doubt or discomfort is worth the risk of works like The Life of Brian, The Satanic Verses and The Last Temptation of Christ being made.
Consider carefully the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh.
Here's a radical thought: Instead of getting upset by ideas, check out the old guy who is right now freezing to death under the overpass. Or consider the thawing of the polar cap. Or check out those videos of people getting their heads sawed off. There is plenty of real stuff to pour all that outrage into.
I work hard, as an atheist, at not being angered by the increasing inclusion of this, that or whatever god in areas of life that should be secular. I succeed because I tell myself it's none of my business what people believe, although every time they pray on Survivor or I hear another one-hit wonder thanking God for His direct hand in securing a People's Choice Award, I do feel the need to say a dirty word. Just to counteract.
I happen to think religion is destructive, oppressive and overburdened by silly hats. I also think the only reason Christianity has more adherents and respectability than, say, the Raelians or the Scientologists, is that the Christians came along first.
Don't let that keep you from looking heavenwards. Do what you will in the comfort of your own home or place of worship and rest assured that when I visit I will behave politely, cover up whatever vile parts of my body offend your particular god, and refrain from eating ham sandwiches while you pray.
If being offended is such a necessity to your enjoyment of life or your sense of self, think about the censorship you implicitly advocate. Consider that you may not be the one who gets to decide what is offensive and should be banned.
Maybe it will be me.
I guarantee you wouldn't like it.

oh how i wish i would have written this. its taken from the toronto star.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The teflon administration.........

Let me just say something about leaks in Washington. There are too many leaks of classified information in Washington. There's leaks at the executive branch; there's leaks in the legislative branch. There's just too many leaks. And if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of.

President Bush 9/30/03

A former White House aide under indictment for obstructing a leak probe, I. Lewis Libby, testified to a grand jury that he gave information from a closely-guarded "National Intelligence Estimate" on Iraq to a New York Times reporter in 2003 with the specific permission of President Bush, according to a new court filing from the special prosecutor in the case.

New York Sun 4/6/06

wow, you smack a turd with a mallet and everyone around is going to get sprayed with some shit. i know that the republicans are going to say that this is a witch hunt but i remember when your party spent a bazillion dollars trying to get a man impeached because of a hummer in the oval office. now i'm not saying that what clinton did was right, i am saying that i think this is far worse. clinton might have been cheating on his wife (ok, he was cheating...what am i saying "might of" for) and for that brief time might not have been paying full attention to the world and he did lie but i think this is far worse. the hummer didnt effect our nation. it didnt color what the people knew and ultimately felt about the war. it does show that when one party controls all the branches of government that we, the people, can be fooled with ease. you will not see dubya on tv having to defend himself like clinton did. hell this is being pushed under the rug (after being spun wildly) even as we speak. this administration has madde a career out of double speak, telling us one thing while doing another or just plain old lieing for years now. when are we going to put dubyas feet to the flame like we did to clinton.

by the way the president knows where i'm at and can forward his letter of resignation to me at his earliest convenience (i will accept cheneys too).

short week (at least for me) so lets pretend its opposed to last week where i had five mondays.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Lets discuss the bible ................

scientists have said that they have done a study and that jesus might have been walking on ice when he walked on water. so? if you really believe that he existed and he was the son of god and you actually believe in god then is anything too farfetched? i mean, he is god ,isnt he? god can do anything. why does anything shock us? why would a scientist even care about this? how about curing cancer. why would you do a study about a book of fiction. i hope the next study is about how gillyweed helped harry potter swim underwater for so long. i have my theories but i'm hoping they can shed some light on it.

and in other scriptures that have been found it seems like judas moght not be such a bad guy after all. seems in this story judas is one of the most loyal of all the apostles and set up the death of jesus under his orders. this proves that jesus really could delegate things. he understood how an organization is to work and if wanted to free up any "me time" he was going to have to have someone do some of the work. even though he was the son of god , and could do everything, he didnt want to. it also showed that judas was a "go to" guy when you needed things done. if you really believe in the bible wouldnt you like to see the real story....not the one the catholic church chose as the real story (wink wink, nudge nudge). arent women going to get pissed off that they are portrayed as the starter of all the trouble.

oh well, isnt it funny how the easter season brings out all of these stories. its friday everyone .....lets celebrate.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boo hoo barry..............

i cant believe this made it to tv. barry bonds new reality show is unbelievable. no, literally, it completely unbelievable. lets get this straight, i cried during field of dreams when he starts catching ball with his father. i cried during old yeller. i once cried during an episode of the three stooges but i couldnt well up even one tear for barry when he cried about his father. his dad was an alcoholic? tough shit. you were coddled your whole life. your dad yelled at you while he coached your little league team? too damn bad. growing up my buddies dad was a horrible alcoholic. he came home from work completely drunk and yelled at everyone until he passed out in a pile of half eaten food and cheap porno magazines. my buddy would have loved his dad to yell at him during a little league game. after his dad smacked him around and belittled him he never took him into the giants locker room to hang with the other players. that never happened. my buddy cried himself to sleep wishing it would but it didnt. barrys been sheltered and coddled his whole life and thats why hes such a prick now. its not a racial thing that people dont want barry to break hank aarons record its because hes such an insufferable prick. that "reality" show is just a commercial to make barry look better to the make him look a little sympathetic. well i just laughed with every one of barrys tears. his dad should have beat him harder. the show is completely scripted and its completely transparent. its not even interesting enough to make me puke.

now i'm a tv critic. are you happy you've driven me to that?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's really a shame.............

in this day and age that people in this country do not have health insurance. every industrialized country has national health insurance. most have had it for forty or fifty years but not america. the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world doesnt have it. shows you just how much power the health care lobby really has. the massachusetts legislature approved a bill yesterday that requires all residents to purchasae health insurance or face penalties. this makes that the first state to treat everyone like a car. i dont understand this. do they think that people dont want health insurance? the reason someone doesnt have health insurance is because they cant afford it. will fining them make that situation any better? if you buy health insurance and then cant afford your rent, becoming in effect homeless, are you still considered a resident? this is really a national shame. well at least exxon is doing well......and what else really matters.

anna benson, wife of baltimore oriole kris benson, filed for divorce last week. you might remember anna (or you might not) because she was a cheap stripper who got to marry a major leaguer because he fell in love with his first piece of ass. she also said that if she ever caught him cheating she would sleep with the entire mets organization (a move which has the batboys salivating right now). well anna has taken back the divorce decree. i'm sure that true love has overcome the bad feelings or more likely her porn website is making her more money than him and she might have had to pay him alimony. well, either way, its a good lesson. dont marry some cheap whore you hook up with in a cowtown when your in aa baseball. nothing good can come of it.

wednesday everyone. is anyone else really tired today?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What did you expect.............

when one party controls the entire government you can expect certain unalienable rights to disappear. some of them we dont notice and some disappear with our blessing because of what we are told. this is one of those cases. joise padilla has been kept in prison for three years. no trial. no family. no lawyer. no rights. he has been held under the patriot act as a terrorist. the government said that he was involved in a conspiracy to bring a dirty bomb into this country. now i'm not saying he isnt guilty.......i'm just saying i dont know. i would know if the government actually put him on trial. lets be honest, they have enough evidence to hold him. if you have that then have a trial and convict him. now alot of people think this is ok because hes a terrorist. he might be.....then again he might not be. who knows? think this is ok? how about if the administration finds what you think to be offensive. they can just put you away without having to prove anything. they dont have to act and you dont get your say. still sound good? the supreme court refused to decide whether the president can detain americans classified as "enemy combatants" indefinitely and without charges. they voted 6-3 yesterday to reject jose padillas (an american citizen i might add) appeal. this is what we get for voting in the worst president ever twice.

hey, and in a related story to our president and his horrible policies exxon has surpassed wal-mart on the fortune 500. by allowing exxon to gouge the american driver exxon mobil raked in 340 billion in revenue (a 25.5% increase over 2004) and 36.1 billion in profits....the most by any american company in history. thank god the government gave them some tax breaks. they were in real trouble. you can see how the trouble in the mid-east and the hurricanes really cut into them. i can only imagine how many of dubyas friends sit on exxons board of directors. his friends and family made a huge profit this year on our backs. i know, you can say i'm just bashing bush again......but prove me wrong here. show me where i'm way off base. i'm begging you. ok, you cant do least lube me up. this screwing is really beginning to hurt.

ok tuesday everyone, lets get on the stick.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Draft this mr. president.............

i get so tired of people saying this country needs a draft. it occurs to me that this country only needs a draft when the war is wrong or we are in something we cannott/are notgoing to/wont even try to win. people signed up for world war 1 and 2. people signed up to go to afghanistan. we only need a draft for things like vietnam or the muslim word for vietnam....iraq. some douche bag in a rich suburb of pittsburgh called sewickley wrote a letter to the editor about the fact that we need a draft. i'm willing to bet that this douche has no children. its easy for a rich republican to call for a draft. the burden of the fighting will fall upon the children of the poor. these are the people who cannot buy their children into the national guard (like our president) or can afford to put their children through a dozen years of college (like our vice president). as for my three children i would personally drive them to canada rather than see them fight in this insane war. this isnt a failed war, this war accomplished exactly what bush and friends wanted. chaos there will allow the friends of bush to rape that country of everything they want. as for my children they are classified for the draft as lb3. they will be the third people into iraq after laura bush.

way to start the week with a rant. go monday.