Monday, April 03, 2006

Draft this mr. president.............

i get so tired of people saying this country needs a draft. it occurs to me that this country only needs a draft when the war is wrong or we are in something we cannott/are notgoing to/wont even try to win. people signed up for world war 1 and 2. people signed up to go to afghanistan. we only need a draft for things like vietnam or the muslim word for vietnam....iraq. some douche bag in a rich suburb of pittsburgh called sewickley wrote a letter to the editor about the fact that we need a draft. i'm willing to bet that this douche has no children. its easy for a rich republican to call for a draft. the burden of the fighting will fall upon the children of the poor. these are the people who cannot buy their children into the national guard (like our president) or can afford to put their children through a dozen years of college (like our vice president). as for my three children i would personally drive them to canada rather than see them fight in this insane war. this isnt a failed war, this war accomplished exactly what bush and friends wanted. chaos there will allow the friends of bush to rape that country of everything they want. as for my children they are classified for the draft as lb3. they will be the third people into iraq after laura bush.

way to start the week with a rant. go monday.

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curmudgeon said...

The military turns people away from recruiting centers every day because the requirements are too strict nowdays for enlistment. Most kids are too fat, too stupid, or too criminalistic to join if they wanted to. Let alone be required to.
Fuck the draft. I would rather have people over there fighting who wanted to be there rather than some liquor store robbing court ordered "jail or army" loser.