Monday, April 24, 2006

And your job is bad..............

Police in Iowa have arrested two people accused of filing a fake obituary for teenager Dan "D.J." Reddout with a newspaper to get off work for a few days.
Police said James Ralph Snyder, who is the boyfriend of Reddout's mother, and the boy's mother, Mary Jo Elizabeth Jensen, submitted a death notice to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier newspaper, saying that Jensen's 17-year-old son had died at the Mayo Clinic after a lengthy illness.
Authorities were notified after the teen was spotted at a restaurant by some family friends.
Police said the pair did it so they could get off work for a few days.
Both Snyder and Jensen worked at Tyson Foods and started taking time off from work in December by claiming the boy was hospitalized with an illness, the paper reported.
As the scheme continued, Tyson officials were told the boy was on life support and had died, according to the paper.
Snyder and Jensen took several days for funeral leave, the paper reported. After they took the days off, officials from Tyson told the pair they needed verification for their absences, the paper reported.
"The boyfriend eventually went to the Waterloo Courier and had a false obituary placed in the newspaper to satisfy their employer," the Courier reported.
The Courier reported that the teen's mother said the fake obituary was caused by "bad communication" and that Snyder submitted the obituary after she told him her son was ill and she had joked about his death.
Synder is charged with tampering with records. Jensen is charged with being an accessory after the fact.

The obituary read as follows:

Dan “D.J.” Reddout (1988-2005)

WATERLOO — Dan “D.J.” Reddout, 17, of Waterloo, died Saturday, Dec. 24, at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., of complications from surgery.
He was born April 26, 1988, in Waterloo, son of James Snyder and Mary Jo Jensen. He attended West High School.
Survived by: his parents of Waterloo; grandparents, Vern and Edie Reddout of Iowa City and Glenda Tidaman of Waterloo; an uncle, Kevin Reddout of Cedar Rapids; and two aunts, Janet Reddout of Cedar Rapids and Sandy (Randy) Lee of Stout.
Graveside services: were Tuesday at Osage Memorial Cemetery, Osage.
Memorials: may be directed to the family.

how bad of a job does this woman have? what were the ideas she turned down? these are the questions i want answered. can you imagine that conversation....."should we kill him? we can use the time. no honey lets not kill him now. lets save that for when things are really stressful". you think this kid sleeps with one eye open now? if mom is willing to file a fake obit to get some time off she'll kill you for a weeks paid vacation. mom isnt in the running for mother of the year but what kind of mom jokes about the kids death? i can see where you'd think that was a misunderstanding. well it looks like they'll be getting some time off soon.

happy monday everyone.

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Jean said...

What sick fuckers! the poor kid beats feet out of that house soon.