Thursday, April 13, 2006

The easter post.............

what would easter week be without a touching religious post from me. and now, a story about someone who really, in this day and age, embodies what christs teachings mean to me. so without further ado.......

Katie Holmes is standing by Tom Cruise's Scientology beliefs by not speaking to her own child for 7 days after giving birth. Katie is said to be pregnant with a girl and according to Scientology rules mothers cannot speak to their children for one week after giving birth.
Katie has also been advised not to make any loud noises during labor as to not stress out the baby.
L. Ron Hubbard suggests that mothers not have any communication with their babies, so the newborn will not associate their voice with the trauma of birth.
I think that hearing Tom Cruise's crazy voice will be much more traumatic for the baby than hearing his own mother's voice.

is there anything more ridiculous than scientology. this is just kooky. yes i used the word kooky. i once used the phrase "batshit crazy" when refering to scientologists and i think it aplies here too. feel free to use whatever you feel is acceptable and allows you to sleep through the night. by the way does anyone else think that l ron hubbard had a traumatic birth and that his mother was just a bitch.

oh well, happy easter everyone. heres hoping you find all the eggs you hid around the house before they go bad.


Blade90 said...

They got it all wrong. Wait until your daughter is a teenager, than don't speak to her for a week. Strap an ipod to your ears and give them a taste of their own medicine.

M said...

I honestly don't know who I think is more nuts. Tom Cruise or Katie for choosing to have his spawn! *shudder*