Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's really a shame.............

in this day and age that people in this country do not have health insurance. every industrialized country has national health insurance. most have had it for forty or fifty years but not america. the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world doesnt have it. shows you just how much power the health care lobby really has. the massachusetts legislature approved a bill yesterday that requires all residents to purchasae health insurance or face penalties. this makes that the first state to treat everyone like a car. i dont understand this. do they think that people dont want health insurance? the reason someone doesnt have health insurance is because they cant afford it. will fining them make that situation any better? if you buy health insurance and then cant afford your rent, becoming in effect homeless, are you still considered a resident? this is really a national shame. well at least exxon is doing well......and what else really matters.

anna benson, wife of baltimore oriole kris benson, filed for divorce last week. you might remember anna (or you might not) because she was a cheap stripper who got to marry a major leaguer because he fell in love with his first piece of ass. she also said that if she ever caught him cheating she would sleep with the entire mets organization (a move which has the batboys salivating right now). well anna has taken back the divorce decree. i'm sure that true love has overcome the bad feelings or more likely her porn website is making her more money than him and she might have had to pay him alimony. well, either way, its a good lesson. dont marry some cheap whore you hook up with in a cowtown when your in aa baseball. nothing good can come of it.

wednesday everyone. is anyone else really tired today?


Blade90 said...

Baltimore is where great careers start, or where other careers end. Good luck Kris! Sad thing is, it didn't even take a 3 day weekend to change her mind. She will be spending the year in Atlanta. Baltimore is too small for her.

ccw said...

I could rant for hours on health insurance. Our coverage is expensive and only provides us with $2,000/yr for all family members. Child well visits are free, but what in the hell can a family do with $2,000?? Under normal circumstances we behave as if uninsured so that we can hoard the money to roll over. Needless to say, this baby will cost us a fortune.

As for the stripper wife, I am not familiar with the situation, but what was he thinking?