Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boo hoo barry..............

i cant believe this made it to tv. barry bonds new reality show is unbelievable. no, literally, it completely unbelievable. lets get this straight, i cried during field of dreams when he starts catching ball with his father. i cried during old yeller. i once cried during an episode of the three stooges but i couldnt well up even one tear for barry when he cried about his father. his dad was an alcoholic? tough shit. you were coddled your whole life. your dad yelled at you while he coached your little league team? too damn bad. growing up my buddies dad was a horrible alcoholic. he came home from work completely drunk and yelled at everyone until he passed out in a pile of half eaten food and cheap porno magazines. my buddy would have loved his dad to yell at him during a little league game. after his dad smacked him around and belittled him he never took him into the giants locker room to hang with the other players. that never happened. my buddy cried himself to sleep wishing it would but it didnt. barrys been sheltered and coddled his whole life and thats why hes such a prick now. its not a racial thing that people dont want barry to break hank aarons record its because hes such an insufferable prick. that "reality" show is just a commercial to make barry look better to the make him look a little sympathetic. well i just laughed with every one of barrys tears. his dad should have beat him harder. the show is completely scripted and its completely transparent. its not even interesting enough to make me puke.

now i'm a tv critic. are you happy you've driven me to that?

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BAC said...

MR. P,
Of course I'm happy that you are now a TV critic! Excellent review! I read about the show, but didn't see it. What channel is it on? JERKS-ARE-US?