Thursday, October 07, 2004

tired, so fuckin tired

every day i wake up. i never feel like getting up...i just want to sleep in. that never happens. if its not work its soccer or church or ..........whatever. all i want to do is sleep in then get up and lay on the couch while eating chips and dip. after an hour or two of that i would then nap for a while then lay on the couch some more before going to bed. sunday would be perfect because the little time i was awake the football game would be on. i am well on my way to being the same height no matter if i'm laying down or standing up. i really should diet and exercise but i think i'm going to try a cocktail of cortisol and trimspa. the lazy mans diet. i talk to people who run 10 miles a day.........fuck i dont even want to drive that far. and the worst news of the day ......the company that makes twinkies is having financial problems and may go out of business. a world without twinkies would be anarchy. i think the living would envy the dead. and all this after i discovered batter-dipped deep fried twinkies at the butler county fair. i guess i better sell off all my losing stock and load up on twinkies. those little fuckers never go bad and if they did how would you know. let me tell ya theres nothing like a sunday full of twinkies and beer.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

baltimore ravens

is there a football player living or dead that is more overrated than ray fuckin lewis. he makes a tackle seven yards downfield and the announcers rave about him. monday night he was non existent against k.c. and he was miked so all you could hear was him bitching about being double teamed. he wasnt doing anything when one guy was blocking him. if you watch any of their games though the announcers will tell you that he's the greatest middle linebacker ever........he's not. i'm sure that if someone from baltimore readds this they will tell me different, he's the heart of the greatest defense ever, he's never been blocked, his sweat will cure parkinson's disease.....etc. good for you b-town you can have that trash talkin , murderin, overrated ray fuckin lewis.

pittsburgh......a dying city

i live in pittsburgh. i know, congrats to me.......big fuckin deal. hey i'm not thrilled either. this city is in such dire condition its scary. first , its bankrupt. our bond rating is something like a c---. what that means to the average layman is that if you offered someone a pittsburgh bond for free they would say " thanks". second, our mayor is an asshole. he has put this city in the financial straights that it is currently mired in. bad deals with department stores, cutting deals with certain unions for votes.......well goes on and on. third, this is one old city. our population is the second oldest in the country behind dade county florida (which is really just a cemetary with the dead above ground ....for now). my advice to any young person just graduating college here is " get the fuck out of here". this city is controlled by old people and the churches. they fight anything new. it took forever to get slots voted through because the churches were against it. so wwelcome to my dying city. come see it before life support is pulled.

my first post

as i sat through another completely boring meeting i tried to formulate my first blog post. dont expect anything special. lets get some things straight from the first day.......if you expect very little from me i will never disappoint you. that should probably be my motto. rodney dangerfield is dead....stern is going to sattelite radio.....i think john edwards kicked cheney's sorry ass last night in their debate....etc. six cups of coffee in and i cant get any thoughts organized. maybe some internet porn will help. well work needs to get done , i'll write more when my head clears. keep coming back . sooner or later your going to see one of my rants and get a laugh.