Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Barbaro gets a job offer......

harry potter grew up and hes naked in a play called equis about some insane kid who masterbates and then abuses the horses because they have seen him do the big tugoff. the only reason i post this is because it would be a good job for barbaro. stuff him and put him on stage.

at least it would pay for the funeral.

Oh well.......

hey , alot of people have died while i couldnt post but the one that seems to be the most annoying is barbaro. lets not lump barbaro in with saddam (even though we sure could use a guy like him in iraq right now). the horse didnt torture and kill thousands of people. it didnt piss off the president. what the horse did do is piss off me and seeing that its my blog thats the opinion that matters. actually the horse didnt piss me off, the people who are mourning the horse ad nauseum are the ones i loathe. look, i felt bad when it broke a leg but you can blame that on the fact that a two year old horses bones arent strong enough yet to take the pounding those horses are put through. i was glad that they didnt put him down immediately. let it heal. let him frolic in a field and get laid like a sports star should. we didnt put down bo jackson when he came up lame ....we put him out to stud. same for the horse but things went wrong. the horse was in pain and the humane thing to do was put the horse down. its get over it. dont send cards, dont set up a shrine in your house, dont leave a message on a website to the horse. for christs sake i shouldnt even be posting about it.

heres all you need to know. it was a great horse, it broke a leg, it had to be put down. NEXT.

actually i did leave a message on a website for barbaro....

Dear Barbaro,
we will miss you. You were a fine animal and its a shame what happened to you. See you in my dogs alpo.


back to work kids....your not barabaro.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm back................

i'm back you bastards. thats heard me. thank you verizon for keeping me off of the blog for so long. see it goes like this.......
we had a problem with our phone line. we could hear our neighbors conversations and they could hear ours. we didnt even need to dial. just pick up and talk to a neighbor. now since i dont have aparty line and didnt need to speak to mabel down at the general store i called verizon. they said it was probably a problem with the line inside my house and they would charge me to come out. i explained that it never happened before and it would also mean that my lines are connected to the neighbor. she didnt seem impressed by my deduction. she then directed me to go outside to the box on the side of my house, open it up, disconnect the phone line and plug one of my phones in there and see if its still happening. i asked how much they would pay me to do their job then went and did it. same problem. i called them back and they asked if i would try it with a different phone (in the event the first phone was the problem). i refused and requested that they come out to the house. they did and , to nobodys suprise, it was their problem. they fixed it. you would think it would have ended there but.........
alas it did not. on new years eve we left the house to go to dinner. the verizon guy was up on the pole across from our house and yelled that he was fixing our dsl problem. we explained that we didnt have verizon dsl nor did we have a problem. he fixed that. that was the last time we were able to go online. when i called verizon to explain they said they only guarantee their own dsl. even after i explained that we didnt have a problem until their man worked on it but it fell on deaf ears. everyone confirmed that it was verizons problem but being a monopoly they didnt care so we now have verizon fiber optic internet.
i am convinced that this is the way they get people onto their service. oh well, i'm back just the same and trying to organize everything that went on while i was away. this may take a while to catch up but i'll do my best.

back to work everyone. time isnt going to waste itself you know