Friday, April 07, 2006

Lets discuss the bible ................

scientists have said that they have done a study and that jesus might have been walking on ice when he walked on water. so? if you really believe that he existed and he was the son of god and you actually believe in god then is anything too farfetched? i mean, he is god ,isnt he? god can do anything. why does anything shock us? why would a scientist even care about this? how about curing cancer. why would you do a study about a book of fiction. i hope the next study is about how gillyweed helped harry potter swim underwater for so long. i have my theories but i'm hoping they can shed some light on it.

and in other scriptures that have been found it seems like judas moght not be such a bad guy after all. seems in this story judas is one of the most loyal of all the apostles and set up the death of jesus under his orders. this proves that jesus really could delegate things. he understood how an organization is to work and if wanted to free up any "me time" he was going to have to have someone do some of the work. even though he was the son of god , and could do everything, he didnt want to. it also showed that judas was a "go to" guy when you needed things done. if you really believe in the bible wouldnt you like to see the real story....not the one the catholic church chose as the real story (wink wink, nudge nudge). arent women going to get pissed off that they are portrayed as the starter of all the trouble.

oh well, isnt it funny how the easter season brings out all of these stories. its friday everyone .....lets celebrate.


BAC said...

Scientists did a study and they think that Jesus may have walked on ice? What did they study? You say the bible is a work of fiction, but there is far more truth in it then such scientific studies. It is unfortunate that you were raised catholic (as was I), but there is still hope for you. I was almost 47 when I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Saviour. Because God has answered some of my prayers lately, there is now room for you on the prayer list to move to #1.

Blade90 said...

I made a joke in the office yesterday about how Catholics believe that Jesus is like a CEO and he segragates different prayer request to the Saints (A lady in my office lost her keys and she prayed to St. Anthony and low and behold, they were found within the next 10 minutes) Then another guy in the office replied, I lost my mind, who do I pray to?? Seems like in the Catholic Church you have to go up the chain of command before you pray to Jesus (who you should have gone to intially)

BAC said...

Jesus taught that you should pray only to God The Father and ask things in His Name. The Catholic Church is way off base in their prayers to Mary and the saints.

shoes said...

my advice is quit praying and keep hunting for your keys. my mom used to say "they didnt just walk away". as for losing your mind, i lost my mind but i think its because i prayed

As always... Rachael said...

the harry potter thing KILLED me. that was so fucking funny I had to read the sentence three times. Good One!

I haven't prayed in forever. My mom keeps wanting me to "give it a try" like she's recommending a new moisturizer! I wish people who were religious could accept other peoples' choice to refrain. My life is fine, my problems are normal and I cna handle them all by my big-girl self.

BAC cracking on science is amazing to me. Medicine is far more effective than prayers... and yes, that is proven. Prayers don't cure cancer, they don't help you pass tests, adn they don't keep mommmy and daddy from divorcing. They simply make people feel better... some people. And I am fine with that. Everyone deserves to feel whole and complete. But people who don't require 5 mintues of talking to themselves before they go to sleep shouldn't be viewed missing out on something or incomplete people.

(not that I'm saying BAC implied any of that...)

I think prayer is powerful. It really works for some people. However, I think it comes down to mind over matter. If you concentrate on something daily, the idea stays with you and things "miraculously" work out. It's no more powerful than daily affirmations. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!

God helps those who help themselves... well isn't that mighty convenient since those who help themselves rarely need outside assistance. What a bunch of semantic double-speak.

I gotta stop... lest I rant without end!