Monday, April 17, 2006

God speaks again.........

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. -- The pursuit started along US 27 in Tavares when deputies tried to pull over Ashley Walters for driving with a broken taillight. The 19-year-old refused to stop, leading led deputies and highway patrol on a chase that finally ended near the Polk County line.
The Lake County Sheriff Department has a brand new form of ammunition that was used for the first time in a tactical situation. The small, red gumball-shaped round, known as a "pepper ball," is fired from a gun. Upon impact, it explodes and spreads pepper spray all over the place.
19-year old Ashley Walters is a very soft spoken young woman, at least when she talked with us, and she's also in a whole lot of trouble.
Walters was racing down US 27 at one-thirty in the morning, trying to outrun Lake County deputies and the Florida Highway Patrol.
The chase went on for miles, until she finally pulled into the median near the Polk County line.
Walters refused to get out of the car; after 41 minutes she learned a lesson the hard way.
Lieutenant Steve Moss fired his rifle at the fleeing suspect. It was loaded with the powder ammunition called a 'pepper ball."
He blasted Walters' car, pepper spray exploding all over it. It turns out it did not stop her, and Walters peeled out and took off again.
After a few more miles she stopped the car, and deputies raced up and smashed their way through the windows, firing more pepper balls, and eventually using a taser to subdue her.
Finally, they pulled Walters out of the vehicle, and now she's facing felony charges for trying to outrun the law and resisting arrest. This is Walters' third trip to jail.
Walters claims she is on medication for manic depression, but the Sheriff's cannot confirm that.
The reason the deputy tried to pull her over was that her tail lights were out.
Walters says the reason why did she not stop was that she felt the presence of God telling her to keep driving.

ok, is it just me or is god handing out some shaky advice lately. this i would categorize as really bad advice. maybe god has a really wacked sense of humor. oh how i hope that is true. its my invite into heaven. really though isnt it funny how almost everyone who you know who found god found god when no one else would reach out to them. after you've run through everyone you know and ruined every relationship you ever had then you seem to find god. oh well, i guess i better go ask god some questions about why mondays suck so bad.

ok, its monday. get goin. the work isnt going to get done by itself.


BAC said...

Perhaps Mondays aren't bad at all, but it is your attitude toward Mondays that is bad. You shouldn't let yout attitude toward a whacked out person like Ashley be directed toward God. Your elusive ticket to heaven is only one sincere prayer away.

Etchen said...

Wouldn't God have told her to stop? Hmmmm....or did He just want to see how the new pepper balls worked> Hope you had a nice Easter!