Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What did you expect.............

when one party controls the entire government you can expect certain unalienable rights to disappear. some of them we dont notice and some disappear with our blessing because of what we are told. this is one of those cases. joise padilla has been kept in prison for three years. no trial. no family. no lawyer. no rights. he has been held under the patriot act as a terrorist. the government said that he was involved in a conspiracy to bring a dirty bomb into this country. now i'm not saying he isnt guilty.......i'm just saying i dont know. i would know if the government actually put him on trial. lets be honest, they have enough evidence to hold him. if you have that then have a trial and convict him. now alot of people think this is ok because hes a terrorist. he might be.....then again he might not be. who knows? think this is ok? how about if the administration finds what you think to be offensive. they can just put you away without having to prove anything. they dont have to act and you dont get your say. still sound good? the supreme court refused to decide whether the president can detain americans classified as "enemy combatants" indefinitely and without charges. they voted 6-3 yesterday to reject jose padillas (an american citizen i might add) appeal. this is what we get for voting in the worst president ever twice.

hey, and in a related story to our president and his horrible policies exxon has surpassed wal-mart on the fortune 500. by allowing exxon to gouge the american driver exxon mobil raked in 340 billion in revenue (a 25.5% increase over 2004) and 36.1 billion in profits....the most by any american company in history. thank god the government gave them some tax breaks. they were in real trouble. you can see how the trouble in the mid-east and the hurricanes really cut into them. i can only imagine how many of dubyas friends sit on exxons board of directors. his friends and family made a huge profit this year on our backs. i know, you can say i'm just bashing bush again......but prove me wrong here. show me where i'm way off base. i'm begging you. ok, you cant do that....at least lube me up. this screwing is really beginning to hurt.

ok tuesday everyone, lets get on the stick.

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