Monday, April 24, 2006

Think your cursed?............

Moscow - Russian police are looking for two mystics who persuaded a student to part with more than $160 000 in exchange for lifting a curse, RIA news agency reported on Sunday.
"Two unknown women, on the pretext of lifting a curse, stole $150 000 and some jewellery by means of deception.
The total amount stolen is estimated at 4.48 million roubles ($161 800)," the agency quoted a police source as saying.
The victim is a female student at Moscow's elite State Institute for International Affairs, RIA said.
Many Russians are highly superstitious.
They spend huge sums each year on faith healers and alternative medicine.

Singapore - An 18-year-old student jumped to his death because he was convinced his genitals were too small, a Singapore coroner's report said on Wednesday.
In delivering the verdict of suicide, state Coroner Tan Boon Heng said that the incident highlighted the importance of sex education in and outside schools.
The junior college student's death showed that even intelligent young people can be "victims of misinformation," Tan said.
"The deceased was so tormented by his unfounded (belief in his) inadequacy that it drove him to end his life," the ruling said.

some of you looked a little down and i want ed to show you some folks who have a real reason to feel down. i mean way down. "way down upon the swanee river".....ok you bugs bunny fans will get that the rest of you will think that was drivel. anyways, to kill yourself for small genitals would be like a death sentence for every asian man. hell, its a death sentence for me. actually i'm huge in asia. as for the faith healers in russia well, we have them here too. there called priests. anyone whos catholic knows that nobody goes after your money harder than the church with nothing in return. its faith healing under another name. you see pleanty of college educated people in america giving money to religions so dont laugh at the russians so quick. oh well, at least we can laugh at the misfortunes of others.

its friday everyone.......lets celebrate.


M said...

yeah, and on major holidays they always sent that little money bag around TWICE! sheesh!

As always... Rachael said...

that's not theft, it's pure salesmanship! Anyone that stupid deserves to get schnookered for huge sums of money. Hell, this isn't exactly on teh same level as fleecing old people, is it? If an young educated person has their head that far up their ass... they deserve it.

Over here these folks would be innocent until proven guilty, and it would be damned hard to PROVE that they didn't lift the curse... especialy when your "victim" is kooky enough to think they were cursed in the first place.

Maybe I'll head over to Russia with a freshly brewed barrel of snake oil.