Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Please dont stress out the church..........

CATHOLIC group Opus Dei has told Sony Pictures that putting a disclaimer on the upcoming movie The Da Vinci Code stressing it is a work of fiction would be a welcome show of respect toward the Church
With the movie's opening a month away, Opus Dei and other Christian groups have been sponsoring websites telling people the novel should not be believed.
A letter posted on Good Friday holiday on Opus Dei's website cites media reports as saying Sony Pictures may consider a disclaimer.
"An eventual decision of Sony in this direction would be a sign of respect toward the figure of Jesus Christ, the history of the Church, and the religious beliefs of viewers," the group said in the letter.

can i see a disclaimer before every showing of the ten commandments? is its fiction then why should the church be bothered and if its not fiction.......then they should crawl into a corner and be quiet. the book does not show any disrespect towards jesus and any directed at the church are deserved. oh well, as sony thinks ...any publicity is good publicity. this movie is going to make a bazillion dollars at the box office regardless of what the church does.

by the way did they show a disclaimer before the passion of the christ?

cmon , it tuesday. things arent going to get done by themselves.


BAC said...

The book doesn't show disrespect to Jesus? Get your head out of your ass. It claims he had a child with Mary Madellean for goodness sakes.

shoes said...

actually the church has disrespected christ by leaving out whole gospels and only including the ones that furthered the churches plan. remember the victors make the history...right or wrong. the bible is just a book composed by the victors. it doesnt make it right

BAC said...

The whole gospels that were left out should have been left out, because they were not the word of God. Your Roman Catholic upbringing and hatred of anything Catholic has blurred your vision to the point that you don't believe in anything Christian. True Christianity has nothing to do with religions or churches. It has to do with belief, devotion and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

shoes said...

how do you know they arent the word of god and how do you know the ones that got in are the word of god? isnt it that something could have got lost in the translation of all the gospels. let me know when god write one under his name....that might be worth reading. by the way my catholic upbringing didnt blur my vision to christianity it soured me on all organized religion. none of them are truly worthy of god (some people within them might be)mbut not one truly preaches and then does gods wishes.

Vile Blasphemer said...


I had a cat poop on the word of God once. Does it still count after that?