Friday, March 31, 2006

Poor tom...................

One of the veterans of tabloid magazines and paparazzi interest, Tom Cruise has recently reached the peak of his unpopularity as magazine readers have voted him one of the most undesirable stars.
In a recent Stuff magazine poll readers have been asked to vote for the least desirable overnight camping companion. Cruise became the undisputed winner of this year’s poll, with 41% of the votes in his “favor”, dethroning Saddam Hussein’s 39%.
Another subject, which filled magazine articles for quite a while now, is his involvement with the Scientology Church, an issue rarely put on display in previous years. This is due to the fact that he convinced his fiancée, Katie Holmes, who was raised in a strict Catholic manner, to reject her religion in favor of his church.
It certainly proves to be a bad period, popularity wise, for Cruise. Not only his relationship with the Dawson Creek star has become one of Hollywood most boring stories but only a month ago Cruise has received a Razzie Award for last year’s questionable performances. It’s a long way to go down from the status of sex symbol and applauded actor, but Tom Cruise seems to be handling the situation fairly well and there have been no comments on the part of the actor regarding the present public opinion regarding him so far.

what happened to this guy. he was on top of the world and he just dropped like a stone. when people say that the like you right behind a terrorist its like a chick saying she doesnt want to make out with you because she would rather have unprotected anal sex with an aids patient (i stole that line fair and square). i think what happened is that its still the 1950's in most peoples minds and tom is like the blacks. people tolerated tom and all his scientologist hoohah as long as he didnt make alot of waves. then he went after a nice girl like katie holmes. in essence she was dating outside her race. it wasnt like she wanted to , she was brinwashed by tom. then to their horror he impregnated her. people cant put up with those uppity scientologists doing that kind of thing. there were pictures going around the net of scientologists bringing these signs into the cruise house telling her to be calm and quiet. anyone whos been around a woman giving birth knows that it isnt a quiet, peaceful thing. isnt it funny thazt a religion founded bt some guy (l. ron hubbard) is telling women how to give birth. anyone think that l. ron's wife was a screamer and he figured that this would be a much more enjoyable expirence if she would just keep quiet. leet me incorporate that into my religion. also let me ask is it just me or has katie holmes been pregnant for like two years. maybe aliens have a longer gestation period than regular humans. well i think katie is getting ready to pop soon. well tom , you can expect my card right after saddam gets his birthday card.

friday is off to a great start. lets all go home early and have a beer.


BAC said...

Put a chalk mark in the the agree column!

ccw said...

Too funny! The fall of Tom Cruise has certainly been quick and humorous.

Please, have a beer for me!

As always... Rachael said...

I hope Katie rips his sack off while she's in labor... cause you know those horns are going to be painful to birth!