Friday, March 17, 2006

Iran, your next...................

in speeches this week to justify staying in iraq president bush is blaming iran for insurgency and ied's that have been found. this doesnt bode well for iran. our president has a history of invading countries that dont roll over for him. now dont get me wrong, i think iran is a country that could use a good spanking but i think the rest of the world is getting a little tired of the us of a just attacking. i know someone is going to tell me that they dont care what the rest of the world thinks....but we better start. the world isnt as large anymore as once thought. we need a global economy for america to flourish and we need to have some civilized dialogue with the rest of the world. daddy bush was a little smarter regarding these matters. he got thew world together and agreeing on what needed to be done then we didnt look like the bad guys......which we a starting to do now.

on a lighter note, march madness is upon us. having filled out my bracket i am going head to head with the sales manager at work (hereto refered to as john). after one day i am leading ten to nine. the big east is screwing me heartily at this moment but thanks to uw-milwaukee i am holding a slim lead as of right now. a whole $5 is riding on this.

happy saint patricks day. remember everyone is irish today (except the jews). i kid , i kid.


Vile Blasphemer said...

Bush is such a piece of shit- I'm glad he's warming us up with "Iran did it" intel and "pre-emptive" rights claims, so we have additional nails to put into his "legacy" (if you could call it that). Fucking-A his rating is in the crapper and I think this is too much for the war jaded lower-class. His approval rating isn't going up any time soon.

As always... Rachael said...

Good luck with your brackets!