Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Child molesters and nfl players.............

maybe pennsylvania has it right. a bill was sponsored to make all convicted child molesters over 18 who preyed on children younger than 13 to wear a global positioning ankle bracelet. it would alert police if the person got close to a school or a daycare or a park....etc. i think you get the picture. this in conjunction with a mandatory 25 year sentence might make these sick bastards think twice. i'm torn because even though i like to see child molesters suffer i can see this being used unfairly by people in power. oh well, i guess i hope it goes through.

speaking of lowlifes, terrell owens signed with the cowboys. this puts three of the biggest douche bags (to, jerry jones and bill parcells) together for what i hope is the swan song for at least one of them. the cowboys will get one good year out of to. ok, maybe most of one full year then he will implode and take the team down with him. bill parcells is one of the most overrated coaches ever (what has he ever won without belichek)and i hope that this signing brings him down. the cowboys arent close to a super bowl but they are close to their own personal armegeddon courtesy of t.o. jerry jones is an asshole and you really cant tarnish his reputation. i feel bad for whoever coaches that team after this year. you know that jerry jones will throw parcells under the bus as soon as t.o. goes in the tank. you like t.o.? go ask the 49ers and eagles about what a great guy he is. hes a clubhouse cancer but when you know that and you still sign him you get what you deserve. americas team my ass.

good luck everyone....its hump day.

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