Thursday, March 02, 2006

Port of call, terroristtown...................

ok, so we almost had the ports of america given to the same countries that brought us the men who flew into the world trade center. our president tried to sneak that one by us but alas the whistle was blown. i like how his press secretary said that the president didnt even know of the deal. that he heard about it from the media. its nice to know our president is staying up on world politics by watching the news. no need for those pesky meetings with his experts when abc will hook you up with everything in an hour. does anyone actually believe this? anyone? no? ok. you know hes pissed because if this doesnt go through he, his family and friends will have to give back the blood money from the dubai government. dubai , being such a fair country, has all packages checked at their ports. i mean all packages...every shipment. why you ask. so that no product from israel enters their country. could you see america turning away everything from say...china? or germany? and these are the people we are going to turn our porrts over to. i thought israel was our friend in the mid-east. oh thats right, bush is from texas and oil is the only thing that matters.........and israel has no oil. sorry israel, you lose.

along that same line, is anyone shocked that tapes show that the president knew about katrina before it all went down? anyone? ok, i guess you can lump new orleans in with israel. no help. sorry guys. bush and his friends are the biggest profiteers in the world today. i know that it was easy to put down kanye west when he said bush doesnt care about black people as being simplistic but maybe, just maybe, he wasnt that far off. its getting harder and harder to spin the bullshit coming out of washington. i always felt the award for having the largest set of balls when telling a lie should go to clinton when he said he smoked dope but didnt inhale but dubya is quickly trying to catch him. listening to things that come out of washington is not unlike being alice and going through the looking glass and then being told she had to believe twelve unbelievable things every day.

quit shaking your heads. you right wingers arent going to able to spin this and everyone else is just getting dizzy. back to work.

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