Thursday, March 16, 2006

The older brother effect..................

While biologists look at hormones for answers about human sexuality, other scientists are looking for patterns in statistics. And hard as this is to believe, they have found something they call "the older brother effect."
"The more older brothers a man has, the greater that man's chance of being gay," says Bailey.
Asked if that's true, Bailey says, "That is absolutely true."
If this comes as a shock to you, you’re not alone. But it turns out, it’s one of the most solid findings in this field, demonstrated in study after study.
And the numbers are significant: for every older brother a man has, his chances of being gay increase by one third. Older sisters make no difference, and there's no corresponding effect for lesbians. A first-born son has about a 2 percent chance of being gay, and the numbers rise from there. The theory is it happens in the womb.

this was stated on 60 minutes last sunday. i have a couple of problems with this. namely...ron, mark and scott. according to their calculations i am 100% gay. now anyone who really knows me knows that i am maybe....28% gay tops. i have a friend who has six older brothers and i'll bet hes suprised that hes 200% gay (the rest of us arent though). i guess the bottom line is look at your family and see how gay you are. i have three older brothers and i havent gone brokeback yet. if my brother scott reads this ...remember your 66% gay you fag. how am i going to break this to my wife? hell, how am i going to break this to myself? oh well, i guess i'll just go home today and be gay with my wife and kids.

almost the weekend. lets finish strong.


Blade90 said...

New math time. I have 3 older half-brothers. 3 x 1/3 = 100% divided by 1/2 = 50%

shoes said...

stop it...your gay. just admit it

BAC said...

Statistics and theories are like assholes - you can twist them and maniuplate, but they are usually full of shit in the long run.

M said...

if only everyone was 100% gay - how much eaiser would all these dumb stats be?

...there may be a few things to iron out in my theory..

curmudgeon said...

Sure puts a kink in the theory that if a guy has older sisters he'll end up a fag.