Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Barry bonds uproar..............

well, seems like your friend and mine, barry bonds, is back in the news. a book is coming out that says it has substantiated proof that he did hard core steroids since 1998. hell thats not a revelation. i could have (and did) tell you this for some time now. actually this is all just heresay until you get a positive blood test or he admits it. dont get me wrong, i dont like barry at all. i pray every day for a debilitating knee injury that ends his career. barry says hes not going to read the book, which is all fine and well, but unless he comes out and sues or holds a huge press conference and refutes all of this his image is even further tarnished. his records wont and shouldnt be removed from the books but it just proves that he couldnt carry hank aarons jock. steroids wont make you hit the ball. its no suprise to anyone that he can hit. he always was a good hitter. that hand and eye coordination wont be enhanced by steroids. what will be is the length of fly balls. what would have went to the warning track is now over the wall. maybe twenty a year? please dont hit me with the bullshit that the steelers of the seventies were all doing steroids, that was before people knew the full ramifications of what doing this drug would do to your health later in life. i've also heard people say that kirk gibson was on painkillers when he hit the famous homerun in the series and that brett favre was on painkillers while setting records for continuous games played. those guys werent trying to enhance their performance, they were trying to get onto the field. its different. barry is going to tell you that its because of his being black that the press is out to get him. bullshit. the race card is tiresome. quit playing it. a fine example this week is kirby puckett. he was loved by the media, his fellow players and his fans..........and he was black. nobody would have a problem if kirby puckett would pass babe ruth and then aaron. hey barry, you want to see the problem? look in the mirror. you being an insufferable prick to everyone your whole life is catching up to you. does the press have a vendeta against you? maybe. but you cultivated it. keep poking the bear with a stick and ultimately its going to snap and then it will remove your tattoos by pulling your arms off. and if the book is to be believed its nice to see the chink in his armour. barry always plays it off like he doesnt care what others think but now we know better. his envy of mark mcgwire (i hope that spelling is correct) will lead to his downfall.

at a worst case scenerio barry will be the third leading homerun hitter of all time, a seven time mvp, perrenial all star and a hall of famer...........and a liar and a cheater. he will always be tainted.

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