Friday, March 24, 2006

scientology again...............

“Thanks, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, for your expert advice on mental health,” says this ad featured in LA Weekly. The ad continues, alerting readers that a woman was killed “by the schizophrenic son she was told to treat with vitamins instead of psychiatric care.”

The ad refers readers to : Jeremy Perkins--A Scientology Family Tragedy; a web site which provides details on the case of Jeremy Perkins, a 28-year-old schizophrenic who stabbed his mother 77 times and watched her bleed to death on her bedroom floor. He is being held at Rochester Psychiatric Center, having been found not responsible for his mother's murder by reason of mental disease or defect.

Jeremy was a dedicated Scientologist while his mother was a counselor in the church and thanks to Tom Cruise and others, we have been enlightened to the fact that the Church of Scientology vehemently opposes psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, believing and instilling in it's members that psychiatric medicine derives from an ancient alien civilization’s plot to drug and enslave humanity.

wow, did mom back the wrong god on this one. i love how the ad goes rigt after tom cruise. did he talk to this woman directly? was it his advice? ok, kinda, but thats not the point. i think the point is that when you refer to someone like this woman as intelligent but got bad advice.....well.....thats just not true. she was stupid. now i dont want to see anyone like her killed but the herd was culled. the gene pool was skimmed.....if you get my drift. if you want to believe in a make believe man from the sky then dont complain whaen your kid goes psycho and stabs you seventy some odd times. lets not forget here that his mother was a counselor in the church of scientology. she gave this same dopey advice to others. shes just as guilty as tom cruise or anyone in that dopey religion. i want to remind you that i'm not just picking on scientology. all organized religions are dopey. the universal life church ordained me. thats right i also have a doctorate from them though in that case i feel its well deserved. the true measure of a church would be to take away its tax exempt status and see if it survives. remove their tax exempt status and two thirds of all religions/churches would be gone. they would dry up and disappear. take away donations and the other third would go away. the world would be a better place.

its friday. its lent. i hope you didnt give up partying. tip one for me kids.


Grampapinhead said...

every now and then you just hit the nail on the head. and yes, i am still stalking you

M said...

killed by her own idiocy really.
it's sort of fitting.

Anonymous said...

Your overheard in chicago link is wrong. It's

Yours takes you to the new york one.