Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First she masters the world then the nfl.......

paul tagliabue is stepping down as commissioner of the nfl. this after he mediated the last cba for the league. under his tenure the nfl has continued to be the most well, and therefore richest, run sports organization. there were a number of names thrown out to replace him but the one that struck me as the most bizarre.....condeleeza rice. shouldnt she be more concerned with the world? arent we paying her to do something just a hair more important? i understand that people think she should run for president. note to condy.....the commissioners job pays a whole lot more. that is actually a shame. maybe if the job of president payed more then we would get someone worth a shit in the office. actually the nfl job used to be easy. the owners understood the concept of the golden goose and werent so anxious to kill it. the new owners are a different breed. its me me me all the time. after getting the job condy might think that fixing the mideast isnt such a daunting task. do you think tagliabue might have realized that the next cba is going to be a bloodbath. asshole jerry jones, little napoleon daniel snyder, kraft in boston....ther are all a bunch of assholes. they will be the death of the nfl. good luck to the next commish. your job is going to be a nightmare.

keep moving toward the end of the week kids. it will be here soon.

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curmudgeon said...

"maybe if the job of president payed more then we would get someone worth a shit in the office."

Nah. None of them are in it for the money anyway.