Friday, March 03, 2006

Mind your own business...............

read this quote:

"You start with Harry Potter, who comes across as a likeable wizard, but you end up with the Devil. There is no doubt that the signature of the Prince of Darkness is clearly within these books. By reading Harry Potter a young child will be drawn into magic and from there it is a simple step to Satanism and the Devil."

- The Roman Catholic Church's chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth

wow, do you think the church is starting to see their grip loosening on kids. i mean if its not harry potter then its the davinci code or rock and roll....etc. of course after seeing david copperfield get a supermodel maybe that whole thing about magic and satanism has some credence after all. is it just me or anything that doesnt scream "go jesus" is just evil in the churches eyes. maybe, just maybe, they should worry more about the child raping priests or the fact that the russians were trying to knock off the pope years ago. i think what bothers the catholic church is that as the civilised world starts actually thinking about organized religion and is less inclined to fall under its spell the church aims its sights at the third world. south america, africa...those are the new markets. take some uneducated, poor people and fleece them of what little they have. sounds like the recipe for success.

friday everyone. crack a beer and celebrate.

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