Friday, March 10, 2006

Can 102 irish priests be wrong..........

the roman catholic church controls alot of places. south america, pittsburgh, ireland. well things havent been going so well in ireland. the church in ireland admitted that 102 of its dublin priests ,past and present, are suspected of abusing children. this disclosure comes a week before the government convenes a probe into how church and state authorities conspired, by negligence and design, to cover up decades of child abuse within the dublin priesthood. since 2003 the archdiocese has been going over the records of 2800 priests who have worked in dublin since 1940. the conclusion: 102 are suspected of abusing children, 32 have been sued and 8 have been convicted of criminal charges. the archdiocese has already paid out over 7 million and the archbishop has said that they will need to sell of property to meet looming bills for 40 (again i say 40) unresolved lawsuits and claims from hundreds more. the government probe is reminiscent of a probe done in the diocese of fern where they found one priest who had molested a group of first communion girls on the altar......but was never punished.

well isnt it reassuring to know that it isnt just the catholic church in america that covers up the "unpleasantness". when you cater to men who decide they dont ever want sex again you are going to get some of these kind of men. its just not natural to not want sex. to sum it up i'm not mad at the church for having pedophiles. there are alot of pedophiles that arent priests running around out there. when you ask men to take a vow of chastity then guys who are off kilter are going to join your group because they think it will set them right. it wont. what is so heinous is the coverup. not only the coverup but moving these known pedophiles around so that they could molest a whole new group of kids every couple of years. the church to them was a kind of pedophile smorgasboard. for that act alone they deserve the huge lawsuits and it will be a happy day for me when they have to sell some church property. lets call it paying for your sins. of course they wont sell off property because the devout will ante up an even larger part of their income to the church. in essence they will pay for the sins of the church. all of which was done to save face for the church. isnt vanity a sin.

well i'm glad i could get you into youre weekend with such an uplifting story. start drinking now everyone.

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