Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Civil war, 21st century edition.....

anyone still think the war in iraq is going well? anyone? i'll bet our president does. of course he may only be finding out about like he did the port watching the news. this is an all out civil war and there is nothing america can do to stop it. we dont have enough soldiers over there to lock down the entire country. can you say quagmire? i knew you could. i wonder if most of those people think saddam was such a bad guy now. this war is spiraling out of control and i know that there is no plan in place for getting us out of this mess anytime soon. as much as america hates to admit it its time to call the u.n. and ask for help. i know that will cut down on profit to halliburton and the bush family and friends but really, havent they profited enough off the blood of our soldiers. i think its high time to suit up the bush girls and send them off to fight for our country. every seator or congressman who is all for this war should have their children sent over and put in a combat unit immediately. i think the attitude would change pretty quickly. please dont tell me i dont support our troops. thats bullshit. nobody supports the troops as well as i do. i think they should have the proper equipment, i think more countries should be in there helping us....etc. i just dont have the rose colored glasses on.

well our president is running off to asia so its up to us to keep the country going. please work harder.

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Blade90 said...

It's time to publish the reverse edition of the Monroe Doctrine and get the hell out of there! Enough is enough.