Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Alot can happen in 17 hours............

pennsylvania is an odd state....politically speaking. its odd in any number of ways actually but for the sake of this post we will stick to the politics. joe hoeffel was going to run for lt. governor. lt. governor is like an assistant to the governor or the vice president or for lack of a better example like the runner up in the miss america pageant. be ready in case something happens but in the mean time just stand around and look pretty. he announced he was going to run and then seventeen hours later he threw in the towel. why? maybe it was because he didnt have the cash flow to do it. no? maybe he didnt think he would have the support. no? it was because the governor told him to. the governor is from philly and so is hoeffel. the governor thought it wouldnt help him (meaning the governor) in the western part of the state if both men were from eastern pennsylvania. remember pennsylvania has philadelphia in the east, pittsburgh in the west and in between is arkansas. inbred hicks and farmers mostly. so this got me to thinking (which can be devastating) about whos the best man. shouldnt the best man be allowed to run regardless of where hes from? shouldnt the people of this peculiar state want the best man regardless of where hes from? is this election fixing? whatever happened to our parents and teachers telling us that anyone could be president when this man isnt being allowed to run from asst. governor because the party wont support him? our governor isnt very popular in pittsburgh right now because of slot machine gambling. the rights are up for grabs but the fix is in here in pittsburgh because of donations to his campaign and we will lose our hockey team because of it (not that the penguins are worth keeping this year anyway). the governor doesnt want to rock the boat in this part of the state any more than he has to. this might cost him his job as governor. to whom you might ask. fair question. to lynn swann. is lynn swann a man who has toiled for the public and understands how to get things done? no. then what are his qualifications? good question. hes a former steeler(as in football player) not like our governor who is a current stealer (i thought that was pretty witty kids). how does this qualify lynn as governor? it doesnt...but remember this is a peculiar state so how qualified do you need to be.

its only tuesday....but it seems like a second monday to me.

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