Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guilty, of course he is.........

ok pittsburgh has made some headlines lately. a pigeon shooter held our downtown hostage for a couple of hours but mainly its because a young girl who disappeared ten years ago showed up out of the blue. for those who havent been watching the news heres how it goes. a 14 year old is kind if a loose cannon. shes run away a couple of times, stays out late....etc. not a horrible kid but just kind of a little wild. her parents are getting divorced and shes distraught. she disappears and is never found. seems she was seduced by a security guard at her middle school who hides her away and tells her he will kill her if she leaves. he has her hair cut and dyed and she lives in a room at his parents house..............for ten years. he just started to let her out of the house in the last couple of months. last week the girl walks into a grocer in her area and yells the grocer her real name and he calls the cops and shes reunited with her parents and the security guard goes to jail.

now comes the fun part. this security guard hired a lawyer named jim ecker. jim will (and has) represented some of the most vile pieces of shit you would ever want to see. as all lawyers he believes that any publicity is good publicity. well jim is starting to paint this young lady as the one with the problem. he comments on how shes "all dolled up" for the cameras in her interviews...etc. is it any wonder that woman dont come forward in rape cases when they get painted as whores? lets be honest, does this girl have some problems? sure. i can just look at her and tell. i'm good like that. this girl has more baggage than than the entire kennedy family. does that make this guy the victim? no. this guy, no matter what this girl did, is a scumbag. you took a 14 year old girl and held her hostage. even if she came on to you thats wrong. no ifs, ands or buts........hes wrong. he should be locked up for a long time. if it was my daughter he should prefer to be locked up. i would make it my lifes goal to see him suffer. they have also arrested a woman who helped him hide her by cutting and dying her hair and letting him use her place to have sex. she should be arrested...as well as anyone who knew this was going on. his parents should be arrested too. they said they didnt know he had her captive. sure , you didnt know your son haad a chick in his room for ten years. where do you think she came from? did your son find a magic lamp? did he get her out of the ads in the back of his comic books? cmon you lying bastards. he was kicking you some rent money and you didnt want to stop the gravy train. if any of his friends knew then they should be locked up too. they took away ten years of her life. he and his cohorts should get ten times that in jail.

and thats how i see it. happy tuesday everyone.

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