Wednesday, March 29, 2006


LAS VEGAS - A state trooper was charged Monday with nine felony counts of reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter in a crash that killed four people.
Trooper Joshua Corcran was driving 113 mph on Interstate 15 when his cruiser slammed into a car on Feb. 19 as he rushed home for dinner, police said. The posted speed limit was 65 mph.
Corcran's lawyer, Steve Wolfson, said his client would appear in court Tuesday to answer the charges.
"His career is at stake. His livelihood is at stake," Wolfson said. "Of course he is disappointed."
According to a police report, the trooper said he had just responded to an accident.
But neither his emergency lights nor siren were activated, and he did not contact his dispatcher to say he was involved in a high-speed chase or was responding to an emergency call, the report said.
Corcran, a five-year veteran of the Nevada Highway Patrol, was treated for broken bones, cuts and bruises. He was placed on paid medical leave after the accident.
Wolfson has said an investigation should show the crash was a tragic accident.

his career, his livelihood....i can understand his disappointment. i cant believe those insensitive people would ride on a highway knowing that he needed his dinner so quickly. isnt this just another way to crap on a good, hard working man? well, no....but thats what his lawyer would have you believe. lets go over this once more. the officer was racing down the highway (113 mph is racing kids) to get home for dinner. let me repeat that because it bears get home for dinner. the trooper didnt have his lights or siren on. this wasnt an emergency. he killed four people. that bears repeating too.....four people. now i'm sure this guy didnt get up in the morning and say "lets speed down the highway and kill some folks today". it was a bad decision. a monumentally bad decision. i understand that his life will be in turmoil but those four people....their lives are over. their careers, their livlihoods.....all gone. throwing him in jail forever...well....that wont bring them back...nor make their families feel any better. his lawyer on the other hand should be put away for life. these lawyers spend all their time figuring out how to make the victims guilty. there is no way to spin this in his favor.hes guilty...end of story. lawyers are like 200 pound leaches. they are parasites that prey off of the misery of others. they sow dischord and live off of its fruits. they are the monsters in most cases. just like churches the world would be without them. lets hope one day that happens.

get on with your hump day kids.


BAC said...

As usual you tar everyone with the same brush. I'm no fan of lawyers or organized religion, but there are good lawyers who are not leeches and there are many independent churches that are preaching and living the true word of God.

shoes said...

that is a very fair criticism. i'll take my lumps when i have them coming.....of course i'll wait until someone shows me a church, religion oe=r lawyer that proves me wrong