Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pat robertson, intolerance at its finest.......

pat robertson is up to his old tricks. he proclaimed on his show that islam is not a religion of peace and that radical muslims are satanic. his comments came after he watched a news story on his christian broadcasting network about muslim protests im europe regarding the cartoons of muhammed. he said the the outpouring of of rage elicited by cartoons jusy shows the kind of people we are deling with.he said these people are crazed fanatics and he believed they are motivated by a demonic power. he said its satanic and its time we recognized what we are dealing with.

ok pat, lets look this over. first off he formulated his opinion after seeing a report on tv. his network in particular. i'm sure the christian broadcasting network would give the muslims a fair shake...right? thank god you saw that pat or you would never be able to make a decision. as for crazed fanatics that are motivated by demonic powers he should stick to what he knows best....christianity. what kind of person would call for the death of someone who says something he doesnt agree with. a muslim? well pat called for the murder of the president of venezuela. what kind of god would be lauded for giving a man a stroke. islam? well pat said the christian god punished the israeli prime minister with a stroke. anyone here see a problem with this. if muslims kill someone over their religion then they are crazed fanatics. if a christian does it hes just doing gods will. terrorists arent only in the mideast. abortion clinics and doctors now need protection. from who? christians. i guess you could call them terrorists but in america we refer to them as christians or martyrs or.....well, you get the drift. christians dont want to abort a fetus in the first trimester but have no problem aborting a doctor in the ...lets say.......120th trimester. think the press isnt biased...think again. now as anyone who reads this blog knows i dont agree with the muslims...but i dont agree with the christians either. actually i dont agree with any organized religion. they all spew hatred and intolerance wherever the flourish. the neo-nazis believe they are doing gods work too. if you have any questions why muslims dislike america then maybe this might answer a few of your questions.

hump day you bunch of crazy kids.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't his fan club see what a hypocritical, sick b......d he really is? Can't they judge for themselves, are they that screwed up that they can't see what their conscience or heart or whatever they think with, tells them of what is right and wrong. PHEW! I don't even know why I bother!