Monday, March 20, 2006

Too close to home...........

thats right, some things hit too close to home. just ask isaac hayes. hes the voice of chef on south park. he has been a mainstay for years. nothing offened him before. masturbation, murder, intolerance....everything was just ducky. he even stayed with the show when they made fun of christians, muslims, jews....etc. you getting the picture? what would make isaac leave the show? what breech of etiquite could possibly tip him over? well when they made fun of scientology (which isaac is a big proponent of) that was the last straw. thats right, making fun of the worlds funniest religion was what pushed him out. what a time to suddenly get religiously sensitive. as a reverend i can assure you that getting mad over religion is like fucking for virginity. it makes no sense. also because i have gods ear he says that scientology is a joke. he told me that you cant just make up a religion. hid did waver slightly when i pointed out that he had done that long ago but then he promised to smite me if i continued with that line of i stopped.

well my ncaa brackets is just hanging on. george mason vs wichita state? did anyone really have that on their bracket? call it home town bias but i had pitt going to the final four. sure i needed them to put together a run like they did in the big east tournament but i was scared of a game like they had against bradley. i still have three out of four in the atlanta sectional. my final four team is gone from the oakland sectional. all i have left from the washington sectional in connecticut....but i had them going to the final four so i'm still good there. in minneapolis i have villanova, bc and florida with bc going to the final four. well i'm still in the running but it looks shaky to me. leets hope i can hang on to the thin lead i have now.

monday , monday. cant trust that day.

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