Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the fcc, americas conscience......

wow, i guess i didnt realize how wonderful it is to have the fcc looking out for me. without them i might have made a rash decision. i might actually have seen a breast on tv and then who knows where my degradation would end. god forbid that people on tv actually talk like people do out on the street. the fcc is in a bit of a quandry though. the fines keep getting larger but people are still becoming more depraved. what will we do? lets unbundle your cable package. not familiar with this little bit of language? then let me explain. you pay your cable/satelite bill and get to watch the service. within that service you get so many channels. some good...a majority are bad. they are bundled. you have to take some of the bad to get some of the good. its a way to keep advertising rates up. rates are based on how many homes the ad goes into. now we all know that nobody watches bet but when you bundle that with hbo then you can say its into many more homes. get it? the fcc thinks that once you can buy your tv ala carte then good americans wont be getting the violent and sexual tv shoved down their throats. now the reality is is that you wont have the diversity on tv that you have now. some stations will hold up but most will bo bye bye. the station that pisses the religious right off the most will do great. hbo wont be bothered a bit. and since we are allowing people to pick only the ones they want then we should have swearing and nudity on tv. you dont have to pick those staions if you dont like them. the reality is that if that happened then say goodbye to your family oriented stations. i'm not sure if its all bad or all good. i tend to think it will fall somewhere in the middle. people have shown a willingness to pay for whats good. when cable came along everyone said it would fail. that nobody would pay for tv when they can get it for free. well all the good shows are on cable and people paid. cable paved the way for shows like er, nypd blue...etc. everyone said sattelite radio would fail. nobody would pay for what you can get for free. well it a burgeoning industry so far and i only see it moving forward in the future. what do both pay per view tv and sattelite radio have in common? no fcc rules. say what you want and show what you want. its what america wants.

ok back to work. the week is still young.

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ccw said...

I agree, there will be plenty who turn away from the "racy" cable stations and the family oriented stations. A lot of channels will fall through the cracks completely, but the channels like HBO and MTV which are so 'indecent' will not be harmed.

Personally, I would love to not have to spend a fortune every month for so many crappy channels, but the a la carte method is not supposed to make your bill less.