Monday, February 27, 2006

England swings.................

well dont they have a different idea in england. apparently its against the law to say some ridiculous things there. for example they jailed a man for saying that there were no gas chambers at auschwitz. thats right he challenged the holocaust and was jailed. its an interesting idea but one i dont propose for the us of a (regardless of what the religious right would like). sure it would be fun to toss all the little nazis in jail. thats one group the world could do without but what if the powers that be decide that your opinion isnt good enough for the general public? what if they decide that your group...lets call them the rotary....arent good for public morale? or your religion? regardless of what the current administration thinks the bill of rights is a pretty good thing. amazing what a bunch of uneducated farmers could conjure up over 200 years ago, huh? theres a reason we should put the bill of rights on a pedestal.........its a supreme work of art. genius. and it was all done by men who couldnt get elected now matter what. think about that.

happy f'n monday everyone. i hate the cold.


Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

I'm torn between exactly how I feel about this decision. The law is there because Europe is a) embarrassed and guilty that the Holocaust happened. and b) to help prevent propoganda from fueling it to happen again.
People know it is a law.
In this case, as far as free speech goes, the people generally denying the Holocaust aren't searching for the truth, but trying to poke holes at the truth because they hate (or dislike) Jews, and in many cases are readily trying to promote hatred and even acts of violence towards Jews. They really are knowingly lying. And I kind of think that lying in a public forum should have a penalty associated with it, and even in the USA, it does in many instances.

shoes said...

i agree with you on your points. holocaust deniers arent searching for the truth they are trying to stir up trouble but i still will argue that freedom of speech allows them the right to stand up and spew their garbage. you and i should be thrilled that their is no law against what we are doing here. you cant have free speech and then put limits on it. then it wouldnt be free.