Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm gonna ramble a bit..........

you heard it right. dont look at me that way. i'm gonna freestyle it today. no seet topic.

the super bowl is definitely taking up alot of my resources. this town is going crazy. a woman in pittsburgh has convinced her doctor to induce labor early so that she will be home for the big game. what kind of mother does this? hell, what kind of doctor would allow that? a pittsburgh mother and doctor thats who.

having just got my first tattoo saturday i have a whole new appreciation for people who get their whole bodies done. if someone tells you it doesnt hurt at all they're a liar. it hurt a ton at first. i cant tell if it didnt hurt as much after a while or i just got used to the pain. sick as i am i might just have gotten used to it. now in kansas city a guy was going door to door selling his tattoo service. tamra eason descibed his tool as homemade but still agreed to pay for a tattoo. she wasnt the only one to be a ficking moron that day. all the women that got a tattoo have an infection in the area and have been told to go and get tested for hiv and hepatitis. they should also be advised to go and get lobotomies.

for those of you who enjoy having smoke blown up your ass while being told your a chimney then last night must have given you an erection. the state of the union tied up most tv for the night. as bad as tv normally is its got to be better than watching our president lie right to our faces. i would much rather watch reruns of will and grace than that drivel though someone pointed out an interesting drinking game to me. every time dubya mispronounces a word or uses it wrong you must do a shot. good luck on getting through a speech of his. there would be a run on liver transplants after that.

well i have much to do so its back to work for for you whatever you want.


BAC said...

A tatoo - where and what is it? This is major news - I didn't know a man of the cloth, a reverend like yourself was allowed to indulge in such a worldly activity.

shoes said...

actually in my religion its encouraged.