Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Super bowl insanity

if you have never had the pleasure of living in a city whos team is in the super bowl then you have missed some odd things. as i have pointed out in previous posts pittsburgh has some issues when dealing with football. to say that we take football a little too seriously is akin to saying that paris hilton might be a little confused by the dewey decimal system. the nightly news has gone crazy. we now get the weather forecast from detriot before we get the one from pittsburgh. no matter what happens in the world news from detroit comes first. the pregame show in pittsburgh started about eight o'clock on saturday. want to wear black and gold to work but your company doesnt allow that? go online and download a permission slip from the county commissioner. there are fly by night guys showing up on every street corner selling bootleg t-shirts, car flags, stickers.......etc.etc.etc. you will be hard pressed to find a restaraunt open after 5:30 this sunday. with all thisa said i love it. i have missed this feeling and would love to have it every year. it makes me feel sorry for people in arizona that have never had a winning team.

ok enough of this chat. i have to rip off a scathing letter to the editor of the post gazette. everyone else....back to work.


Anonymous said...

hey im from pgh too and i love ur blog - keep it up, i like to hear your opinions!!

Anonymous said...

oh yea

shoes said...

be a sport. dont come in as anonymous. use a name. its more democratic. oh, and thanks

belletira said...

i signed up for a name, happy? :-)