Monday, January 09, 2006

Steeler monday................

who dey? we dey. thats who.

ok, i would have much rather the steelers beat the bengals with carson palmer but a win is a win. the game was chippy from the start but that was not a cheap shot on palmer. it was unfortunate..........but not cheap. i dont know if the outcome would have been different but it would have been a different game. the loss wasnt kitnas fault regardless of what all the comment boards in bengalland say. kitna is actually a known steeler killer. that being said the steeler defense took it to the bengals in the second half. as our linemen drove the bengal guards back into kitnas lap the secondary had their recievers covered like a rug. kitna was running for his life and still couldnt find anyone open. big ben played a great game. only 19 passes but they all meant something. last year he was played out by the time the playoffs rolled around but this year is different. hes a leader. i guess the bungles will have to wait another year to claim the afc north.

now comes indy. we played indy on a monday night with a makeshift offensive line, big ben coming back after being out three weeks and still not healthy and a depleted linebacker corp. they still didnt run up a huge score on the steelers. they got an early lead but settled for alot of field goals. the steelers couldnt run because of the line and ben had to pass alot and indy tee'd off on him. ok, marvel smith is back. he isnt a rookie. we will run on indy and that will set up the play action pass. look for ben to have a better game than the first time. on defense, farrior and porter are healthy. the secondary has had that much more time. indy's starters have had three weeks off. this sets up as the right time to get the colts. dont get me wrong, the steelers will have to play their best game and the colts will have to give some up, but it can be done. the pats have owned them and the steelers need to take a page out of their playbook.

i hope palmer comes back, he and ben should war for years.

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