Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vacation in iraq, why not..............

nice job douche bag. got some extra cash? lets take a trip to iraq without telling the folks. seems like an intelligent thing to do. this kid is no rocket scientist. first the news is filled with all the horrors going on over there. what was he thinking? was he only going to the nice spots in iraq? are there any nice spots in iraq? and you know how those people are known for their hospitality toward americans. i dont need to see any more videos of beheadings to tell me i'm not going there on vacation. that kid should have played the lottery. he used up all his good luck in one swoop. his parents should have just smiled for the camera and then beat his ass as soon as the front door closed. and finally, what makes this kid think he can understand their suffering by being there for a weekend. hey ghandi, your an american. sure you may be a little darker complected than some of the rest of us but they will kill you just the same. you want to help with the suffering, do it here. this country needs some help too. had he gotten himself killed this country would have been up in arms...but he would have deserved it.

ok, i got to run. i'm booking my vacation to bosnia right now.

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BEAST said...

Try Afghanistan.

A nice sun tan, and a picnic lunch with who else: The most enigmatic, mysterious beenpole of a figure, Osama bin Laden.

Now that is food for thought.......

The Beast