Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Criminal goes splat................

pittsburgh has alot of problems. one being that we took prime riverfront property and built the jail there. not just any jail but an 18 story high rise jail......right on the waterfront. sure its stupid but it does have some advantages. seems one of the convicts, who was placed on the top floor because he was an escape risk, decided he had enough of the accomodations. the convict pried off a special security window, pushed away a heavy metal screen and pried away a vertical metal bar to get out the window. sheets were tied together but it seems he didnt work on his grip enough and 187 feet later......well......as the title of this blog implies......splat. i'm sure that relatives of this convict will be sueing somebody very soon but lets just say that he had it coming. the best you can say is that this might not have been his most well thought out escape plan. i guess you cant please everyone. he had a high rise apartment, on the river with a view. oh well. its one mistake that worked out well in the end.

keep your windows closed and get workin.

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