Friday, January 13, 2006

A movie turned me gay...............

ok, theaters in utah and washington arent going to show the film "brokeback mountain". i understand utah but not washington. utah is full of mormon inbred polygamists that are worried that they wont be able to stay away from a movie about gay cowboys and would, in all likelihood, out themselves. the theater in salt lake city (power base of gay mormons) cancelled the first viewing two hours before it was to be seen because....get this........the owner just found out what the movie was about. what, is he living in a hole (or a closet as the case may be). there has been buzz on this movie for a year. seems to me like the religious right scared him. the theater had no problem showing other r rated movies like grandmas boy and the hostel, but alas, they didnt have gay cowboys. i'm always amazed that young people arent running screaming from utah.

in a similar crazy religious item how many times are the muslims going to stampede on the way to mecca. this seems to happen every year. this year 345 people were killed when they got stampeded. you just dont hear about that here (other than a who concert). you really have to go back to the times of cowboys and cattle. i guess god is calling you back to mecca and he doesnt care that you trampled someone to death. what a thin line between the muslims (which we all badmouth) and the religious right in this country.

gotta run kids, i'm banning brokeback mountain in my neighbors house.

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