Friday, January 06, 2006

First murder of the year............

it didnt take long for animals in the burg to kill one another this year. scum bags beat a guy to death with a brick. actually its hard to tell in this one who the scum bags are. the dead guy is a relative of our new mayor elect. he apparently quit high school football to take up boxing. thinking he was a tough guy he jumped out of his car at some perceived slight and got his head caved in. his parents said that he couldnt have been the aggressor because thats not in him (you know how calm those boxers are). of course on the other hand the parents of the four boys that were arrested are standing behind their children (after seeing what they did to that kid behind them is safest) and saying that their children were only defending themselves but do you look at your little baby differently now that he killed someone. i'm sure the truth lies safely in the middle of the two sides but i wonder if his friends think that it was worth it now.

i like the steelers this weekend because they are hot at the right time and healthy at the right time. the first time we played cincy, at cincy, we were healthy and ran all over them. we controlled the ball and gave them a good old fashioned beat down. in the second game ,in the burg, the o-line was injured and the steelers couldnt run. we had to go into a shootout with cincy and big ben got intercepted three times and still cincy won by a touchdown. well, the o-line is healthy now and the backs are healthy and cincy's defense has played like a sieve lately. i think those factors combined with the fact that only ten bungles have playoff expirence (only five of those guys start) and the fact that the reports out of cincy say that the team is so tight that if they swallowed some coal today they would shit a diamond about game time will lead to a steeler victory. 35-13 steelers...thats the prediction.

back to work guys. we can talk again monday.


Blade90 said...

Cincy will suffer from first year jitters and lose against the Steelers. However, I think it will be a bit closer, more like 27-23.

ccw said...

That first story is just screwed up. I cannot imagine standing behind my child knowing that he beat someone to death with a brick when his life was not in immediate danger. However, I don't know how a parent could just turn away, either.

Naturally, I am rooting for the Bengals. Unfortunately, I think they really, really have their work cut out for them if they are going to win this game. Either way, can I just say it is wonderful to have a team in Cincy that doesn't suck.