Thursday, January 19, 2006

New orleans is really screwed...............

ok, i was really indifferent to mayor ray naggins. i didnt blast him for the debacle in new orleans because well, what would any of us have done when we saw our city swept out to see. he seemed to be doing the best he could under horrible circumstances. he seemed rather intelligent to me and i had hope that he would pull that city together but then he had to go and spout off on a religious rant. at as mlk gathering he said that god might be punishing new orleans because god is mad at the usa over the war in iraq. god also might be mad at blacks because of social problems in the black community. ok ray, are you insane? can anyone actually believe that any god worth his weight would act like that. its nature ray. it happens. new orleans has been hit with hurricanes before and will again. it has nothing to do with the usa or blacks or muslims or the price of gas or.....well, anything. i hate people who use god as an excuse. this is the kind of thinking that is dragging this country down. no use trying to wrap our feeble little minds around a concept like science when you can use the all-purpose god excuse. just look in the mirror at your head and think to yourself "well, i wont be needing this anymore". if what the mayor is saying is true then god is a very petty ....well......god and if its true then why isnt there a shitstorm in the mid-east where it seems like there is a high concentration of douche bags. i dont know, maybe its me but i seem to give god a little more credit that the religious right. could it be that i'm a better christian? i am a reverend. the bigger question would be "do i want that to get out"?

ok, back to work. when i speak to god i'll ask him who hes mad at so we can get a line on where the next natural disaster will occur.


BAC said...

Rev. Shoes,
I agree with you. It's not only the God excuse, but all the other excuses - my mother didn't love me or I was born poor or I was never given a chance or whatever. No one wants to take responsibilty for their own mistakes or choices. Blame something or someone rather than themselves. Perhaps I can attend 1 of your services my next trip to PGH.

Anonymous said...

Ray Naggins is a KooK!