Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gonzales defends wiretapping, no shit......

attorney general alberto gonzales argued that the requirements of a secret intelligence court are too cumbersome for a rapid pursuit of suspected terrorists, repeating the administrations position that warrentless wiretapping authorized by president bush does not violate the constitution or federal law. let me say it shit. who didnt see that coming. he was hand picked for the job by dubya. do you think that was because he had different opinions and that dubya enjoys the witty debate the have over pressing issues? people who didnt see that the patriot act was just going to erode your rights are beginning to see the light. and who would expect the man assigned to legally protect the constitution to actually do it. the constitution is a really neat idea until bush wants to step all over it. the patriot act (while it seems like a good idea) is just a way to steal our rights from us. there is a man who has been held without legal representation, without seeing his family, without being charged...all of which are our rights. this is the stuff that this country was founded upon and this administration has just ignored it. there are no checks and balances right now. the republicans have the presidency, congress and soon will have the supreme court.

oh well, someone tell me how to fix it until then keep working.

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