Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Must be harder than it looks............

maybe i dont put enough effort into this blog. i look at other blogs. some are worse...most are better. i guess i never looked at this blog as hard work but maybe it is. maybe i'm really good at this and it just comes easily to me. i come to this conclusion after so many bloggers are calling it quits. grampapinhead and madison have chucked it in and the blogosphere is less for it. they were great blogs but apparently they spent too much time on writing it or coming up with ideas or whatever. blogging shouldnt be work. i enjoy doing this. it doesnt seem like work to me but honestly work doesnt seem like work to me.

along these same lines a guy in pittsburgh had a heart attack during the steeler game when jerome bettis fumbled. holy christ, how into the game are you? what did you bet on this game? your house? your kids? they interviewed this guy on the news and all he talked about was the game....nothing about the heart attack. he did mention that he had a history of heart problems so a drinking in a smoky bar was probably the best thing for him. luckily for him two firefighters were in the bar and performed cpr until the paramedics got there. they had to shock the guy five times (count'em five times) befire his heart would restart. he intends to watch the next game at home this weekend. i'll post his obit on monday.

get to work. you've wasterd too much time here already.

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BAC said...

Shoes - you are a natural - no ifs, ands or buts. I was into the game too, but a heart attack? I did shout out I'll never watch another game in my entire life if you lose this game. I did calm down sometime Monday afternoon.