Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mondays revelations...........

i know, its wednesday. i'm a little slow from the flu. as i layed around monday on my dead tired ass i came to a conclusion and an observation. first the conclusion.

1. daytime tv sucks. no, i dont mean that its a wasteland that will rot your brain, i mean just sucks. theres nothing on to watch at all. the olympics? yeah, i wanted to watch eight hours of curling and luge. i could watch sportcenter again but seeing that i memorized it from the night before it seems pointless. hey i like law and order. its been on for about 100 years but i swear if you took a week and watched tnt for eight hours a day you could see every episode. they run that shit back to back all day long. at least change your station from tnt to lao. another station was running si swimsuit specials all day long. beautiful women in exotic places wearing hardly anything..if that. there is nothing more boring than watching those chicks get photographed (with the exception of the little bio's on each girl). if those chicks arent making out than thats a waste of film as far as i'm concerned.

the observation is a little different. i having not eaten since saturday at about 5pm took some immodium ad on sunday to try and stop the previously mention shoosting from my anus. immodium ad are these little tiny green pills that are supposed to bind you up (not that there was much left in me to bind at that point). my wife, having gone to a party on sunday, brought me home some food from the party. these tiny little creme puffs that were delicious. i powered those down on monday morning. now remember those are the only solid (and they were barely solid) food i've had since saturday at 5pm. at about ten o'clock i had the feeling that it was time to go...if you get my drift. grabbing a book i sat upon my throne and the funniest thing happened. my ass became a hot foam dispenser. i'm not making this up. i swear on my kids a light green foam came out of me. it floated upon the water like little puffy clouds. as poop goes it was quit pleasant looking. it was the most peculiar thing ever. this has never happened to me before. immediately upon flushing i realized that i had the digital camera and i didnt get a picture of that. it was a pleasant dump but not at all satisfying.

ok now back to work. someone has to keep the economy running.

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Blade90 said...

Try ESPN classic. Always works for me.