Monday, February 06, 2006

From the home of the world champions......

lets go steelers. i musy admit it wasnt a great game from either team. the extra week put some rust on both teams. the officiating was poor but thats been a season long problem. the fans of the seahawks are saying it was a fix and that the refs took the win from them but it doesnt explain some things like......

1. why the seahawks punter put the ball in the endzone five times when he could have pinned the steelers back in their own end. didnt anyone talk to him at all. 50 yard punts with 30 yard nets.

2. why the seahawks tight end was wearing catchers mitts on his hands. tight end..sure his sphincter tightened up. the steelers were in his head all night.

3. why the seahawks qb and coaches wasted so much time at the end of the first half. they let so much time go off of the clock and wasted a timeout while making their kicker try from 54 yards.....which leads me to the next point.

4. nice kicker. lotta leg, no aim. can you say waivers.

the bottom line is the steelers capitalized on their opportunities and the seahawks didnt. the seahawks controlled most of the first half and still went into the locker room losing. contrary to what the talking headds on tv were saying that favored the steelers. the steelers knew tat they had played their worst half of football all year and were still leading. if they came out in the second half and played only half way acceptable (and they did) they would leave detroit as world champs (which they did). this proves that running up gaudy stats against weak opponents during the season wont help you in the big game. you beat up a weak division in a weak conference. the seahawks played washington in the first round, a team that won their first playoff game despite having 124 yards of total offense. let me repeat that 124 yards of total offense. then the seahawks beat up a carolina team without any running backs. might as well of been playing the cardinals.

so seahawk fans quit complaining about the refs. celebrate a season that got you farther than anyone expected.

not enough sleep last night...i'm going to rest.


BAC said...

It wasn't pretty or dominating, but it was a win. Anyone who doesn't think the best team won is a fool. The defense gave up some yards, but not points. The offense wasn't that crisp, but they got the big plays and the points. And to quote that great philosopher Al Davis - Just Win Baby, Just Win!

Blade90 said...

It was a defensive game all the way around. Neither offense looked sharp, but Pitt made the big plays and Seattle did not. Seattle needs to work on time management over the off season. Even Madden was telling them to at least play "up tempo" in the forth quarter with about 7 minutes left, down 11. They were playing like the game was going to last 5 quarters. The Seattle punter must have been trying to set a Super Bowl record of highest average, and lowest net average in the same game. Can't blame the Seattle kicker too much, 50 and 54 are no chip shots (even indoors) In the end, the better team won the game and its 5 for the franchise!

Grampapinhead said...

Here in Detroit, all we have had is mediocre football for 51 years, so it was no surprise.