Thursday, February 23, 2006

Entertainment weekly, turkey edition......

i know that our muslim friends are up in arms over some cartoons. i personally feel that they are going a little overboard but then again i'm not muslim. my thoughts on this seem to go to the extreme that you cant make fun of anything they seem to hold dear but they can do anything they want. case in point. the turkish have made a feature length film with a ten million dollar budget. the subject of the film you ask? well its about some american soldiers who kill/capture muslims and sell them to an israeli doctor who harvests their organs for the needy jewish folk. ok, so most american films about terrorists show middle eastern men and i guess the americans do fight alot of wars in that area lately so the stereotypes run both ways. lets call that a wash. what shocks me the most is that the movie stars billy zane and gary busey. wow, ten million doesnt get you what it once did. in one scene the americans bust into a wedding and pump a five year old boy full of lead in front of his mother then after killing the groom they haul off the survivors to abu ghraib for the organ harvesting. in another scene the doctor (played by gary busey) is pissed off at the troops for killing so many of the hostages on the way to cant harvest organs for those blood thirsty jews if the good muslims are dead. can you people even imagine this. no, not the bullshit of the movie but that someone would cast gery busey as a doctor. i'd fire that casting director right now. what a disgrace. i know that the muslims are pissed off at the danish and so the are on a rampage of destroying kfc's all over the mid east.....hey why dont you try destroying something danish. isnt there an ikea anywhere close? or at least a bakery. oh well, i guess i have to do something drastic now. i am calling on a ban of all turkish taffy coming into this country. that should cripple their economy. of course we could blow up all their poppies and destroy the burgeoning heroin industry but then you would have super models that look like kirsty alley...and we cant have that here.

almost the end of the week kids....lets finish it out in style.

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As always... Rachael said...

What with all hte Busey hating? When I think "mad scientist" he pops right into my head. He has "the look!"