Monday, February 13, 2006

Darwins birthday..............

as i glance through the paper i see that some christian churches are going to celebrate darwins birthday. this is supposed to show us just how progressive they are. seems they have this crazy notion that evolution and religion can be viewed together and not counter each other. what it shows me is that the christians dont want it bad enough. you dont see the muslims backing down do you. draw some cartoons, get your head cut off. now those people know how to be zealots. with christians holding what seems to be the political upper hand right now i cant believe they would even give evolution this much of a break. no matter, i still dont trust them. my favorites are the ones that say the world is only 6000 years old or that god put fake bones in the earth to fool the scientists. is it any wonder american children are falling well behind the rest of the world in education. look around the world and it seems that the minute god is fully in a persons brain all thinking stops. actually i may not be giving god enough credit for his sense of humor. hiding bones. what a novel approach to being a deity. i always thought the platypus was his only joke...shows you what i know.

well happy birthday darwin. i'm with you on the whole evolution thing. i hope the rest of you are. now back to work.

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