Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The maclaughlin report..........

at least i think thats what the name of the show is. in pittsburgh its shown on saturday morning. there is one tired old man (who i assume is maclaughlin) and four other dopes with varying opinions who sit around commenting on whats going on in the world today. the only constant is that the old guy cuts everyone off mid sentence...especially if they dont fully agree with him. i dont know what they get paid but i know that about the third time he cut me off i would stand up and punch him in his 800 year old face. yesterdays show had my friend, pat robertson. he is the supreme dope of the group. the topic of muslims and cartoons came up (lets be honest, the muslims on the news are stereotypically cartoonish anyways). one idiot said he wouldnt comment because they couldnt protect him. look, just admit your too stupid to come up with a thought or your too much of a pussy to say what you think. how much protection would an 800 year old man be anyway. pat robertson, on the other hand, had no problem spouting off. in a typically muslim approach he blamed the newspapers. hey comrade, ever hear of freedom of speech, the bill of rights..any of that stuff....nyet? ok pat lets explain it. your right to freedom of speech allows you to say that the leader of venezuela should be assassinated or that god was getting even with the leader of israel by giving him a stroke. in a typically muslim (or should i say religious) approach pat thinks that freedom only pertains to religion. see, he can badmouth anything he wants (including other religions.....he is an expert dont forget) but you cant say anything bad about religion. pat understands that once he allows you to badmouth one religion that you might point out how ridiculous christianity is(along with all the other organized religions) and that the splatter might soil his garments. remember , your not the expert pat is. see in my eyes organized religion is a big steaming pile of shit and once you smash that with a mallet (not unlike gallaghers act) all the religions in the front rows get hit with some excretement. pat dressing as nice as he does with suits bought with your donations doesnt want the extra trip to the dry cleaners.

hump day kids...lets get humpin.

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